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Our purpose in writing this book is to codify the mitzvot of Scripture without the classical Jewish presumption and constraint that they must total six hundred thirteen, and to discuss their meaning and application from a New Covenant perspective.

In modern times until recently, the New Covenant and the Kit'vei B'rit Chadashah (New Testament) were considered solely Christian and, since the First Century, God's Law as an approach to biblical living has been considered exclusively Jewish and limited to the commandments given through Moses. In addition to mainstream Judaism's having rejected Yeshua as Messiah, a chasm of interpretation and application of Scripture developed between Judaism and Christianity such that Judaism's approach to holiness has come to be through obedience to law, while Christianity's approach has been through faith with the assumption of God's grace apart from law.

The resurgence of Jewish belief in Messiah Yeshua in the Twentieth Century has created the need for a fresh look at God's law applied with New Covenant principles and the Holy Spirit's interpretation, and taking into account historic Rabbinic interpretations as well. This book seeks to fulfill that need by codifying and commenting on God's mitzvot wherever they may be found in Scripture - in the Torah, the Nev'im, the Ketuvim, the Besorah (Gospels) or the Apostolic Writings.

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