Appendix A

Subject Index


Aaron & sons P6

Aaronic Benediction P2, 4

abandonment F3

Abraham P1

- descendants of P1

- father of many nations P1

Abrahamic Covenant P1

Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob P1


- belief in God G2

- belief in Yeshua G2

- God's Holiness G7

- Holiness

God, of G7

God's Name, of G7

actions, good & holy H9


- to Scriptures W9

- to Torah W9

- to Word of God W9

Adonai (see "LORD")

- believing in G1

- trusting G1

adopting God’s ways A2

adultery F3

advanced age, person of N8

advantage, gaining N6


- unbiblical (false) doctrines W10

afflicting our souls D13

aged person, honoring N8

aliayah P3

aliyot P3

alms, giving (see "charity")

altar, leave gift at P6, G10

Aleinu G11


- being humane to M8

- clean H3

- died of own accord H7

- killed by beast in field H7

- kosher H3, P4

- unclean H3

Annual Sabbath (s) D4-13

appearance H2

applying Mosaic Law J1

approaching God G10

ass, see “donkey”

assembling D1, 4

assembly, holy D1-13

associating with Torah Scholars G9

astrology I2


- blood H5

- sin, for A6

Atonement, Day of D4, 13


- father or mother F1

- mother or father F1

- parents F1


b'rakhah G11

B'rakhot G11

baptism of Holy Spirit A7

barn owls H3

bats H3


- marring edges H2

being a Kingdom of Priests P1

belief (see also, "believing"

- in Adonai G1

- in God G1

- acknowledging G2

- denying G2

- in Yeshua G1

- acknowledging G2

- denying G2


- body of G10

- priesthood of P2

- status of lost N5


- unbiblical (false) doctrines W10

Benefitting from idolatry I3

benevolence B1, 4, 5

Berea, men of R1

Bereans R1

bestiality H2

bet din N5

betrothal F2

bill of divorcement F3

bird-like creatures H3


- eatability of H3

- hunting H7

- mother with chicks & eggs H7

- slaughtering H7

Birkat Cohanim P2, 3, 4

Birkat Hamazon G11

bitter herbs D8, 9


- God G6

- Holy Spirit, the

- Name of God, the G6


- Aaronic P2

- Priestly P2


- God G11

- God’s people P2

- Jewish people P2

blessing to

- Gentiles P1

- Jewish People P1

blessings G11


- atonement H5

- draining H5, 7

- eating H5, 7

- life is in the H5, 7

- poured out H7

blowing the shofar D12


- cord W2, 5

- thread W2, 5


- believers, of G10

- dead P7

- relative, of P7

- Temple of Holy Spirit H1


- kid in mother’s milk H4

- meat in milk H4

- young animal in mother’s milk H4

Bokser, R. Ben Zion P5

boldness via the Holy Spirit A7

booth, see “sukkah”

Booths, Festival of, see “Sukkot”

born again by the Holy Spirit A7

borrowing B1

bowing down

- to God G8

branches, waving D16

- palm D16


- marriage covenant F3

- vows & promises F3

brother B1

bull, sacrifice of P6

bullying N6

burden, unloading & carrying N3

business C1

buying and selling C1

- fairness in C1

buzzards H3


camel H3

cancelling loans C3, D18

cantor P2

capital punishment A5, 6

carrying another's burden N3

carved or cast statues I1


- animals H2


- at feasts D14

- at Shavuot & Sukkot D14

cemetery, priest prohibition P7

ceremonial cleanness P7, G10

see “ritual purity”

ceremony of Pidyon HaBen P4


- marriage to priest P5

chametz & leaven, see “leaven &


channeling I2

charity B1, B4, B5, M6, N3

charoset D8, 9

chewing the cud H3

chicks, taking H7


- teaching W1

chillul Hashem A6

chosen people H3, P1

Cities of Refuge M5

citizens in Israel Commonwealth P1


clean creatures H3


- ceremonial P6, 7, G10

see “ritual purity”

- spiritual P6, 7, G10

cleaving to God G9

clinging to God G9


- two kinds threads A1, H2

- wool & linen A1, H2

clothing B2

- men’s and women’s H2

Cloud of Holy Spirit A7

cohen, see “priest”

Cohen HaGadol, see “High Priest”

cohanim, see “priests”

- function today P4

collateral B2

collecting debts C4


- meat and milk (dairy) H4

- milkhig and fleishig H4

conduct, holy A6

Commandment, most important G4


- applying God’s (Mosaic) J1, R1

- doorposts, on W2, 6

- eyes, between W2, 8

- hands, tied on W1, 2, 8

- Mosaic, applying J1

- phylacteries W1, 2, 8

- t’fillin W1, 2, 8

- Ten A6

- obeying God’s A3

commerce C1

- fairness in C1

Committee on Jewish Law &

Standards (CJLS) P5


- life-sustaining B6

- left for poor & disadvantaged B6

Commonwealth of Israel P1

Communion, Holy G10


- discipline of N5

- protection of N5

compassion B1, B3, B4, M8

compromising holiness P5

conditional forgiveness N4

conduct A6, H2

- holy A6

coney H3

confessing sin A7

congregational, discipline N5

consecration of marriage F2

Conservative Jewish Movement P5, 7

Conservative Judaism P7

- responsum P5


- dead, the I2

- spirits I2

consummation of marriage F2

convocation, holy D1, 4-13


- kid in mother’s milk H4

- meat in milk (dairy) H4

- milkhig and fleishig H4

- young animal in mother’s milk H4

cord, blue W2, 5

cormorants H3

corners of garments W2, 5


- of relative P7

- priest near P7


- Torah scroll W7

- neighbor N5

counseling by and through A7

counselor (Holy Spirit) A7


- days to Shavuot D5

- Firstfruits, from D5

- omer, the D4, 5

- Shavuot, to D5

- weeks to Shavuot D5

- Yom HaBikkurim, from D5

court N5


- Abrahamic P1

- Mosaic J1, P1

- New J1, P1, R1

- Old P1

- Yeshua P1

covenant, creation F2

covenant love G4

covenant of marriage F2, 3

- breaking F3


- with foreign gods A1

- with idol worshippers A1

creation covenant F2

creation order H2


- bird-like H3

- clean H3

- cruelty to H4, M8

- eatability of H3

- land H3

- many-legged H3

- swarming H3

- unclean H3

- water H3

crickets H3

crops B5

- harvest of prohibited D18, T1

cross-dressing H2


- creatures, to H4, M8

- heathen H4

- immorality of H4

cud, chewing the H3


- gashes in flesh H2


dairy, meat with H4

dangerous conditions N7


- Atonement, of D4, 13

- Blowing Trumpets, of D4, 12

- Firstfruits, of D4

- Judgment, of D12

- New Year D4, 12

- Remembrance of Blowing D12

- Repentance, of D4

- Resurrection, of D4

- Trumpets, of D4, 12


- fifty D5

- counting to Shavuot D5


- body, priest near P7

- cutting gashes for H2

- tearing out hair for H2

defrauding C1


- falsely M3

- harshly C4


- punishment by A5, 6

- terminates marriage F3


- discharge C3, D18

- collecting C4

dedicating; dedication of

- firstborn son P4

- firstborn male animals P4


- body, of G10

- Temple G10

defraud, not to M3

defrauding the Holy Spirit R3


- belief in God G2

- belief in Yeshua G2

- ourselves D13

deriving benefit from idolatry I3

desecrating God's Name A6, G7


- holy things H8

- things belonging to God H8


- halachah H3, 4

- laws, restrictions H3, 4

disadvantaged B6

- gleanings left for B6

discharge of loans C3, D18


- in all nations P1

- making P1

- of Yeshua P1

discipline N5

disfellowship N5

dishonesty M3

disorderly brother N5

disparity of wealth & poverty M7

divination I2

Divine Presence G10

divisive brother N5

divorce F3

- abhorrence of F2

- allowance of F2

- bill of F3

- grounds F3

- law of F3

- limitation of F2

- writ of F3

divorcee, marriage to priest P5

do what is right M1

doctrinal error N5

doctrines, false (unbiblical)

- heeding W10

- proclaimers of W10

doing right M1

dominion, being humane in our M8


- plowing with A1

doorposts W1, 2, 6


eagles H3

Esau’s guardian angel H6


- creatures, of H3

- meat cooked in milk, of H4


- blood H5, 7

- chametz D7

- fat H5

- from produce of work B3

- hind quarter of animal H6

- hunted meat H7

- kid boiled in mother’s milk H4

- kosher meat H3, 4, 5, 6, 7

- meat H7

cooked in milk H4

halal H5

polluted by idols H5

sacrificed / offered to idols H5

strangled H5

- n’veilah H7

- sinew of the thigh H6

- slaughtered meat H7

- strangled meats H5

- t’reifah H7

- young animal boiled

in mother’s milk H4

Echad, God is G3

economic equity M7


- sign of being brought out of W2, 8


- exempt from helping N3

- honoring

enabling idolatry I5

enchanting I2

enemy, love of N1

energy healing I2

entering the Temple G10

enticing to idolatry I4

equity, economic M7

error, doctrinal N5

Esther's heroism M1

etrog (also pronounced “esrog”) D16

evidence, giving false M3

examining creatures for eatability H3

excommunication N5

execution A6

explaining matzah, leaven, chametz D11

exploiting N6

extortion M6

eyes, reminder between W1, 2, 8


fairness in buying and selling C1

faith G8

- for God’s provision C3, T1

- praying in G8

- walking in M1

fallen animal, helping N3

fallow, land lying D18, T1

false doctrines

- heeding W10

- proclaimers of W10


- dealing M3

- evidence, giving M3

- prophets, prophecy A6

- testimony M3

falsification M3

fat, eating H5

father, authority of M2

father &/or mother (see also, "parents")

- attacking F1

- cursing F1

- fearing F1

- hitting F1

- honoring F1

- leaving F2

- respecting F1

- revering F1

- striking F1

father of many nations P1


- father & mother F1

- mother & father F1

fear of

- God A7, G6

- Messiah G6

Feast of

- Matzot D4, 10

- Sukkot D4

- Tabernacles D4

- Unleavened Bread D4, 10; W2, 8

- eating chametz on D7

- removing leaven & chametz D6

- seventh day D4

- Weeks D4

Feasts, celebrating / rejoicing at D14

feeding the poor (see "charity")

fellowship, removing & restoring N5

fence around

- roof, one's N7

- Torah, the H4, 5, 7

fidelity, sexual F3

fifty days D5

financial help B4

fins H3

field B5

filled with Holy Spirit A7

Firstfruits, Day of D4, 5

- counting from D4, 5

firstborn male animals

- sanctifying, dedicating P4

firstborn sons

- sanctifying, dedicating P4

- redeeming P4

first to the Jew P1

fish, eatability of H3

fleece, Gid'on's G5


- acting in the H6

- cutting or piercing H2

- one F2, 3


- halachah H3, 4

- laws H3, 4

- restrictions H3, 4

forgiveness N4

foreigner C1

- love of N1

foreign gods A1


- sign on W1, 2, 8

- phylacteries W1, 2, 8

- t’fillin W1, 2, 8

fornication F3

fortune-telling I2

found items, returning M4

four species D16

fraud C1

fringes W2, 5

fruit of Holy Spirit A7

fruitful, being F5


g’rushah, marriage to priest P5


- corners of W2, 5

- fringes on W2, 5

- tzitzit (tzitziyot) on W2, 5

- two kinds threads A1, H2

- wool & linen A1, H2

gates, Word of God on W1, 2, 6, 8

genitals, damaging H2

Gentile nations

- blessing to P1


- blessing to D1, 4, P1

- grafting of P1

- Holy Spirit given to A7

ger C1

get F3

gid hanasheh H6

Gideon, see Gid'on

Gid'on's fleece G5

Gifts of Holy Spirit A7

giving to poor B4, B5, M6, N3

gleaning(s) B5, B6


- acknowledging belief in G2

- approaching G10

- attaching to G9

- believing in G1

- blaspheming G6

- blessing G11

- bowing down to G8

- cleaving to G9

- clinging to G9

- denying belief in G2

- Echad, is G3

- fearing G6

- gratefulness to G11

- holding fast to G9

- holy order H2

- honoring G7

- loving G4, 6

- One, is G3

- obeying A3

- petitioning G8

- praise of / praising G8

- prayer / praying to G8

- profaning, not G7

- provision of C3, T1

- revering G6, 8

- sanctifying G7

- service to / serving G8

- singing praise to G8

- testing G5

- thankful, being to G11

- thankfulness to G11

- thanking G11

- thanks, giving to G11

- trusting C3, G1, M1, T1

- imitating and walking in A2

- worship of / worshiping G8

- wrestling with H6


- chosen people P1

- Commandments

applying R1

obeying A3, R1

- holiness

acknowledging G7

affirming G7

proclaiming G7

- Name

blaspheming A6, G6, 7

desecrating A6, G7

dishonoring A6

honoring A6, G7

oaths in A5, 6

profaning A5, 6, G7

pronouncing G6

sanctifying A6, G7

swearing in A5, 6

using lightly A6

vain, taking in A6, G6

wrongfully using A6

- people P1

- presence, see “Sh’khinah”

- promises, testing G5

- voice

hearing R1, W4

listening to R1

obeying R1

testing R1, W4

- warnings, testing G5

- ways, imitating & walking in A2

- Word, see “Word of God”

gods, foreign A1, I1

- covenanting with A1

- worshiping I1

Golden Calf P4

Goodman, R. Arnold M. P5

grace after meals G11

grafting of Gentiles P1

grain B5

- removing from domain D6

- sowing two kinds A1, H2

grapes B5

grasshoppers H3

grateful, being G11

gratefulness G11

Great Commission P1

great owls H3

grieving the Holy Spirit R3

guardian angel, Esau’s H6



- rounding at temples H2

- bizarre style H2


- dietary H4

- food H4


- phylacteries W1, 2, 8

- sign on W1, 2, 8

- t’fillin W1, 2, 8

hare H3

harlot, marriage to priest P5

harmful speech N2

harshly dealing C4

harvest B5, B6

- prohibited D18, T1

hawks H3

head of the year D4, 12


- God’s voice R1

- God’s Word W1


- good & holy H9

- loving with all our G4

- repentant G10


- cruelty H4

- practices / worship H4, I1

heathens, not marrying A1

heavenly signs I2


- God’s voice R1

- proclaimers of false doctrines W10

- unbiblical (false) doctrines W10


- financial B4

- to overcome weakness N6


- fallen animal, with N3

- neighbor in need N3

heroism of Esther M1

herons H3

Hevel G10

hexing I2

High Priest P1, 2, 3, 6

hind quarter of animal, eating H5, 6

hip, Jacob’s dislocated H6


- father or mother F1

- mother or father F1

- parents F1

holding fast to God G9

holiness H3

- compromising P5

- God's G7

acknowledging G7

affirming G7

proclaiming G7

- God's Name, of G7

acknowledging G7

affirming G7

proclaiming G7

- Israel, of H3

- Jewish people, of H3

- marriages that compromise P5


- being G7

- conduct A6

- convocation D1-13

- communion G10

- God being G7

- keeping the Sabbath day D3

- order H2

- nation P1

- people H3

- proclaiming God as being G7

- regarding God as G7

- Sabbath day D3

- speech H9

- treating God as being G7

Holy Spirit A6, D4, 5, G8, 10, R1, 2, 3

Holy Temple G10

holy things, preserving H8

home, leaving one’s on Sabbath D2

homicide M5

homosexual acts H2

honesty C1, M3


- aged person N8

- elder N8

- father & mother F1

- mother & father F1

- Torah scholar N8

- vows (promises) G12, M2

hoof, split H3

hoopoes H3

horned owls H3

humane, being M8

humbling ourselves D13

hungry, feeding the N3

hunting H7

husband P5

- authority of M2


idiom, boiling kid in milk H4


- benefitting from I3

- committing G7, I1

- enabling I5

- enticing to I4

- practice of H4, I1

idols, eating meat polluted by H5

idol worshippers I1

- covenanting with A1

images, making & worshiping I1

imitating God’s ways A2

immersion in Holy Spirit A7

immorality M6, N5

- cruelty, of H4

important Commandment, most G4

imprisonment M5

income, giving part to poor B5

increase, giving to the poor B5

indwelling Holy Spirit A7

infidelity F3

institutions, equity in M7

intending to work on Sabbath D2

interest on loans B1, C4

intermarrying see "marrying"

internalizing Word of God W1


- in marriage F2, 3

- sexual F3


- Commonwealth of P1

- Jacob’s new name H6

- kingdom of priests P1

- set apart H3

- uniqueness of H3



- name changed to Israel H6

- wrestling with God H6


- first to the P1

Jewish People

- blessings to P1

- leadership of nations P1

- set apart H3

Jewish responsibility A6

jointed legs above feet H3


- Conservative P7

- Orthodox P7

- Reform P7

judging sin F3, N5

Judgment, Day of D12

judicial forgiveness N4

justice N5


Kabbalah I2

Kal Nidre (see Kol Nidre)

kashering H5

kashrut H3, 4, 5, 6, 7

katydids H3

Kayin G10


- lost items safe M4

- Mosaic Law J1

- promises (vows) A4, 5, M2

kiddushim F2

killing of human being M5

kingdom of priests D13, P1

kites H3

knowing that God is Echad (One) G3

knowledge, gift of, by Holy Spirit A7

Kol Nidre G12


- animals P4

- halachah H3, 4

- meaning of H3, 7

- meat H6, 7

- practice H3, 4, 5, 6, 7

- rabbinical H3, 4, 5, 6, 7

- slaughtering H7

koshering H5



- produce of B3

- six days D1


-creatures H3

- lying fallow D18, T1

- plowing prohibited D18, T1

- resting the D18, T1

- tilling prohibited D18, T1

- working of prohibited D18, T1

lashon hara N2

late Passover D9

- see also, “Passover”

Law, Mosaic

- applying in New Covenant J1

- literal compliance J1

law of divorce F3


- dietary H3, 4

- food H3, 4

- Noahic H5, 7

leaders, honoring & respecting N8

leading of Holy Spirit A7


- Song of Moses W7

leaven & chametz

- eating D7

- explaining D11

- free of, keeping D6

- removing D6


- father & mother F2

- gift at altar P6, G10

- home on Sabbath D2

- mother & father F2

- parents F2

legalism J1

legs, many H3

lending B1, 2

- dealing harshly when C4

Levites P1, 4

Levi, Tribe of P4


- Cohen Gadol P6

- High Priest P6

- Priesthood P1, 2, 4, 5, 7

- priests P5, 7

lie, not to M3

lies, telling M3

life-sustaining commodities B6

- left for poor & disadvantaged B6

limit, Sabbath D2

linen threads A1, H2

listening to

- God’s voice R1

- God’s Word W1

literal compliance w/ Mosaic Law J1

little owls H3


- mating two kinds A1, H2

loading another's burden N3

loans B1, B2, B3

- discharge of C3, D18

- Sabbatical Year C3, D18

locusts H3

log in eye P6

Lord (see "Adonai")

Lord’s Supper G10

lost items, returning M4

love G4

- God's G4


- brother G4

- enemy N1

-foreigner n1

- God G4, 6

- neighbor G4, N1

- stranger n1

- Yeshua G4

lulav, waiving D16

lying C1, F3, M3


magic I2

male firstborn animals

- sanctifying, dedicating P4

male firstborn Israelites

- sanctifying, dedicating P4

- redeeming, redemption of P4

Malki-Tzedek P1, 3

manslaughter M5

many-legged creatures H3

marking skin H2

maror D8, 9


- abandonment F3

- infidelity F3

- separation F3


- biblical (definition) F3

- consecration F2

- consummation F2

- covenant F2, 3

- breaking F3

- infidelity in F3

- sanctification F2

- sex in F2, 3

- termination F3


- examples of F2

- prohibited to priests P5

- that compromise holiness A1; P5


- heathens A1

- members of seven nations A1

- unbelievers A1

Mashiach, see "Messiah"

mating diverse species A1, H2

Matthew 18 adjudication F3


- sign of W2, 8

- eating D8, 9, 10; W2, 8

- explaining D11

Matzot, Feast of D4, 10


- halal H5

- polluted by idols H5

- sacrificed / offered to idols H5

- strangled H5

mediums, spirit I2


- belief in, denying G2

- denying belief in G2

- fear of G6

- love of G4


- dairy with H4

- kosher H6

- milk with H4

Melchizedek P1

men, Holy Spirit indwelling

might, loving with all G4

mind, loving with all G4

mindreading I2


- meat with H4

- mother’s H4

mind, good & holy use of H9

ministering while unclean P6

see “ritual purity”

ministry of Holy Spirit A7

Mitzvah, most important G4

mitzvot, God’s

- obeying A3


- meat and milk (dairy) H4

- milkhig and fleishig H4

Modeh ani G11

Modim G11

Modim anachnu lach G11

modeling God’s holy order H2

money B1

- lending C4

morality M6



- applying J1

- literal compliance J1

Covenant J1, P1


- applying J1

- literal compliance J1

most important Commandment G4

mother &/or father

- see "father &/or mother"

- see "parents"

mother bird H7

mother of nations P1

mother’s milk H4

murder M5

multiplying in fruitfulness F5

myrtle D16


n’veilah H7

Name of God (see also "God's Name")

- blaspheming G6, 7

- desecrating G7

- honoring G7

- profaning G7

- pronouncing G6

- sanctifying G7

- taking in vain G6

nation, holy P1

necromancer I2

need, helping neighbor in N3

needy B1, B4

- giving to B5

neighbor, one's B1

- correcting N5

- helping N3

- loving N1

- rebuking N5


- removing and eating thigh H6

neveilah, see “n’veilah”

new age I2

New Covenant A6, P1, R1

- applying Mosaic Law in J1

- High Priest P2

- Holy Spirit brought A7

- priesthood P1

- priests P2, 5

- prophesied A7

- realities J1

- spirit A7

New Years Day D4, 12

nissuin F2

Noahic laws H5, 7

numerology I2



- God's Name, in A5, 6

- honoring / dishonoring A6, C1

- swearing A5, 6

obedience enabled by Holy Spirit A7


- God A3

- God’s commandments A3, R1

- God’s voice R1


- Feast of matzot D10

- Feast of Unleavened Bread D10

- Passover D8, 9

occult practices I2

offenses, public & private N5

Old Covenant P1

olive tree

- grafting into P1

- Jewish-owned P1

- Romans 11 P1

omer, counting the D4, 5

one flesh F2, 3

One, God is G3

Oral Torah R1

order, God’s holy H2

orphans N6

- not exploiting N6

ospreys H3

ostriches H3


- denying D13

- humbling D13


- weakness N6

owls H3


- plowing with A1


pagan worship I1

palm branches, waiving D16


honoring F1

leaving F2

see also "father &/or mother"

partnering see "yoking"

partnering with unbelievers A1

Passover D9

- bitter herbs, eating on D8, 9

- chametz, eating on D7

- charoset D8

- eating chametz on D7

- maror, eating on D8, 9

- matzah, eating on D8, 9

- observing D8, 9

- removing leaven & chametz D6

paying attention to

- proclaimers of false doctrines W10

- unbiblical (false) doctrines W10

paying wages daily C2

pelicans H3

People of God P1

Pentecost D4, 5

petitioning God G8

personal forgiveness N4

perverted sex H2

phylacteries W1, 2, 8

Pidyon HaBen P2, 3, 4

- sign, deliverance from Egypt W2, 8

- sign, on hand & between eyes W2, 8

piercing or cutting flesh H2

pig H3

place, leaving one’s on Sabbath D2

planning to work on Sabbath D2

pledge B2


- with ox and donkey A1

- prohibited D18, T1

polluted meats H5

poor persons B1, 4

- charity to (see"charity")

- giving to B5

- not exploiting N6

- paying wages daily C2

- providing for B5, C3, D18, T1

- lending to B1, C3, D18

poured out Holy Spirit A7

poverty, disparity of M7

power of Holy Spirit A7

praise / praising God G8

prayer G8

- approaching God in G10

- God hearing G10


- in faith G8

- unity with the Holy Spirit G8

- to God G8

presence of God G10


- holy things H8

- the words of Torah W7


- Aaron and sons P4

- bald spots on head H2

- cutting gashes in flesh H2

- High P1, 6

- holiness of P3

- holy for God A1

- in cemetery P7

- kingdom of D13, P1

- Levitical P5, 7

- marriages prohibited to P5

- marring edges of beard H2

- marrying divorced woman A1

- marrying prostitutes A1

- near dead body P7

- New Covenant P2, 3, 5

- prohibitions regarding P7

- regarding as holy P3

- unclean, made P7

see “ritual purity”

priesthood P1, 2, 3, 4

- Aaronic P4

- Levitical P1, 2, 3, 4

- New Covenant P1, 2, 3, 5

- of believers D13, P1, 2, 3, 5

- of firstborn male Israelites P4

- of Yeshua P1, 2, 3

- origin of P3

Priestly Blessing P2, 3, 4

proclaimers of false doctrines

- not heeding W10


- God's holiness G7

- God's Name G7

- Name of God G7

- unbiblical (false) doctrines W10

produce of work

- eating from B3

profaned woman married to priest P5

profaning God's Name A6, G7

prohibited marriages to priests P5

prohibitions for priests P7

promises, testing God's G5


- breaking F3, M2

- making & keeping A5, F3,G12, M2

- release from M2

- see vows

promoting economic equity M7


- false A6, W4

- gift of A7

- New Covenant enables A7

- testing R1, 6

prophesying A6

- via Holy Spirit A7, R1,3

- tongues, in R3

Prophets R1

- false A6, W4

- Holy Spirit indwelling A7

prostitution A1, H2

protection of community N5

provision, God’s C3, T1

pruzbul C3, D18

punishment, capital A6

public reading of Torah D17

- during Sukkot D17

- in the Sabbatical Year D17


- time of G10

- water, with G10

purity, ritual P5, 6, 7, G10

see “ceremonial cleanness”

putting God’s word (t’fillin)

- on the hand W8

- on the forehead W8


quenching the Holy Spirit R3


Rabbi P2

reading Torah in public D17

- during Sukkot D17

- in the Sabbatical Year D17

rebellious brother N5

rebuking neighbor N5


- benefit from idolatry I3

- Holy Spirit, the A7

reconciling with brother G10, N5, P6


- exodus from Egypt D11

- God’s wondrous deeds D11

- Passover story D11

redemption of firstborn

- sign, deliverance from Egypt W2, 8

- sign, on hand & between eyes W2, 8

- son P4

Reform Judaism P7

regarding priests as holy P3


- at feasts D14

- at Shavuot & Sukkot D14

relative, body of & priest P7

release from vows M2

remarriage F3

remembering D12

remembrance of blowing shofar D12

removing thigh veins, nerves,

and tendons H5, 6

repentance G10, N5, A7

- call to D12, 13

- Yom Kippur, of A6

repentant heart G10

repenting of sin D13, P6, G10

reptiles H3

representing God A6


- aged persons N8

- father & mother F1

- mother & father F1

- Torah scholars N8

responsibility, Jewish A6

rest, Sabbath D1, D4-13


- land, the D18, T1

- Sabbath, on D1, 4-13

- work, from D1, 4-13

restitution M6, A7

restoration of

- priesthood P7

- sacrifices P7

- Temple P7

restrictions, dietary H3

Resurrection Day D4

retelling, see “recounting”

returning lost/found items M4


- for God G6

- sanctuary of God, for H1


- father & mother F1

- God G6, 8

- mother & father F1

revoking vows M2

right, doing M1

righteousness G10


- prostitution H2

- purity P5, 6, 7, G10

see “ceremonial cleanness”

rob / robbery / robber C1, M6

Romans 11 olive tree P1

roof, fence around N7

Rosh HaShanah D4, 12

Ruach HaKodesh See “Holy Spirit”



- annual D4-13

- assembling on D1, 4

- delight, a D1

- holy, keeping D3

- leaving home to do work on D2

- limit D2

- maximum travel on D2

- planning to do work on D2

- rest D1, 4-13

- rest for land D18, T1

- setting apart for God D3

- seventh day D1-3

- travel on D2

- weekly D1, D2

- working on D1, 2, 4

Sabbatical Year B1, C3, D18, T1

- discharge of loans C3, D18

- harvest & vintage prohibited D18, T1

- resting the land D18, T1

sacrifice of bull P6

sacrificed meat H5


- heathen I1

- restored P7

safety N7

sanctification of marriage F2


- God G7

- God's Name G7

- firstborn male animals P4

- firstborn sons P4

- Name of God G7


- little H1

- reverence for the H1

- Temple G10

Sarah, mother of nations P1

Sarai P1

scales H3


- associating with G9

- standing before N8

- Torah N8

scoffer N5

screech owls H3

Scriptures, see “Word of God”

sea gulls H3

sealed by Holy Spirit A7


- sowing two kinds A1, H2


- kid in mother’s milk H4

- meat in milk H4

- young animal in mother’s milk H4

selling and buying C1

- fairness in C1

separation from God G10

separation in marriage F3

servanthood N3

service to God G8

serving God G8


produce of one’s B3

setting aside increase B5

seven nations

- marrying members of A1

seven weeks D5

seventh day

- Sabbath D1, D2

- Unleavened Bread, Feast of D4

seventh year, see “Sabbatical Year”


- fidelity F3

- infidelity F3

- union F3

sexual relations (intimacy) F3

- bestial H2

- homosexual H2

- intercourse F2

- marital F2, 3

- natural H2

- perverted H2

- prostitute, having with H2

- unnatural H2

Sh’khinah P1, G10

- attaching to G9

sh’chitah H7

Sh’ma G4, W1, 2, 6, 8

- doorposts W1, 2, 6

- eyes, between W1, 2, 8

- hands, tied on W1, 2, 8

- phylacteries W1, 2, 8

- t’fillin W1, 2, 8

Sh’mini Atzeret D4

Sh’mittah C3, D18

- reading Torah publicly D17

- on Sukkot

Shabbat, see “Sabbath(s)”

share / sharing with needy M6

Shavuot D4, 5, 14

- celebrating at D14

- counting to D5

- Holy Spirit given on A7

- rejoicing at D14

Shechinah, see “Sh’khinah”

shechitah, see “sh’chitah”

shekels P4

shochet H7

shofar, blowing the D12

Shulchan Adonai, see “Lord’s


sight, not by M1


- astrological I2

- between eyes W1, 2, 8

- redemption of firstborn W2, 8

- frontlets between eyes W1, 2, 8

- redemption of firstborn W2, 8

- hands, tied on W1, 2, 8

- redemption of firstborn W2, 8

- headband W1, 2, 8

- redemption of firstborn W2, 8


- against brother P6, G10

- atoning for A6

- committing G7

- confessing A7

- correcting neighbor who is in N5

- disciplining because of N5

- judging F3, N5

- repenting of N5, A7

- separation from God G10

- rebuking neighbor in N5

- restitution, making for A7

singing praise of God G8

singleness F2

sins, repenting of D12, 13

sinew of the thigh, eating H6


- marking H2

- tattooing H2

slander M3, N2

slaughtering H7

son, firstborn

- sanctifying, dedicating P4

- redeeming P4

Song of Moses W7

songs of praise G8

sons of Aaron P6

soothsaying I2

sorcery I2

soul, loving with all G4

souls, afflicting our D13

sowing seeds

- two kinds A1, H2


- testing words of men W4

- tongues, in A7

- Word of God W1


- four D16

- mating diverse A1, H2

- sowing seeds of two A1, H2


- good & holy H9

- wrongful & harmful N2

spell-casting I2


- Holy R1, 2, 3

- worshiping in G8


- mediums I2

- new A7

spiritism I2

spiritually unclean see “ritual purity”

- ministering while P6

splinter in eye P6

split hoof H3

spoken, testing what is W4

spouse P5

standing before scholars & the aged N8

statues, carved or cast I1

steal / stealing C1, M6

storks H3

stranger, love of N1

strangled meat, eating H5

strangulation A6

strength, loving with all G4


- father or mother F1

- mother or father F1

- parents F1


- Torah W1

- Word of God W1

subtracting from

- Scriptures W9

- Torah W9

- Word of God W9

suit, law N5

sukkah D15

Sukkot D4

- celebrating at D14

- eighth day of D4

- living in a sukkah during D15

- reading Torah publicly on D17

- in the Sabbatical Year D17

- rejoicing at D14

- waving the four species on D16

support of poor B4

swarming creatures H3


- God's Name, in A5

- oaths A5

swine H3


t’reifah H7

t’vul yom P6

tabernacle, see “sukkah”

Tabernacle, priestly service P4

Tabernacles, Feast of D4

(see also, “Sukkot)”

taking God's Name in vain A6

taking up four species on Sukkot D16

tassels W2, 5

tattoos H2

teachers of false doctrines

- not heeding W10


- children W1

- false doctrines W10

- Song of Moses W7

- testing men’s W4

- Torah W1

- unbiblical doctrines W10

- Word of God W1

telling, see “recounting”

- Passover story D1

- truth, the M3


- body, of the H1, P6, G10

- entering the G10

- God, of P4

- holiness of H1

- Holy Spirit, of A7, H1, P6, G10

- priests P1, P4

- rebuilt P7

- reverence for H1

tempting, see "testing"

Ten Commandments A6


- removing and eating thigh H6

tereifah, see “t’reifah”

testifying falsely M3

testimony, giving false M3


- God G5

- God's promises & warnings G5

- God’s voice, what is thought R1

to be

- heard, what is W4

- prophecy A6, W4

- taught, what is W4

- what is said in God’s Name W4

tevul yom, see “t’vul yom”

thankful, being G11

thankfulness G11

thanks, giving to God G11

theft C1, M6

thief / thievery C1, M6


- that are holy H8

- that belong to God H8


- blue W2, 5

- linen A1, H2

- two kinds A1, H2

- wool A1, H2

Third Commandment A6

tilling land prohibited D18, T1

time of purification G10

tongue, wrongful use of N2


- gift of Holy Spirit A7

- prophesying in R3

- speaking in A7, R3


- adding to W9

- applying R1

- awareness of W2, 5

- correcting words on scroll W7

- doorposts W2, 6, 8

- giving of D4

- fence around the H4, 5, 7

- hearing W1

- internalizing W1

- listening to W1

- Oral R1

- phylacteries W2, 8

- preserving words of W7

- reading in public D17

- during Sukkot D17

- in Sabbatical Year D17

- remembering W2, 5, 6, 8

- scholars

- associating with G9

- honoring N8

- standing before N8

- scroll W7

- speaking W1

- studying W1

- subtracting from W9

- t’fillin W1, 2, 8

- teaching W1

- walking in W2, 5, 8

- writing book of W7

transactional forgiveness N4

transfer of Holy Spirit A7

travelling on Sabbath D2

Tribe of Levi P4

Trumpets, Day of D4, 12

trumpets, blowing D12

trustee M6


- Adonai G1

- God C3, G1, 8; M1; T1

- Yeshua G1

trustworthiness of our word A5


- testing for W4

- telling M3

- worshiping in G8

truth telling A5

two kinds of threads A1, H2

tying t’fillin to the hand W8

tzedakah B3, 4, 5

tzitzit (tzitziyot) W2, 5


unbelievers, not marrying A1

unbiblical doctrines

- heeding W10

- proclaimers of W10


- creatures H3

- ministering while P6

see “ritual purity”

uncleanness, spiritual P6

see “ritual purity”

unconditional forgiveness N4

unequal yoking A1, F3, P5

union, sexual F3

uniqueness of Israel H3

Unleavened Bread

- eating D7, W2, 8

- a sign W2, 8

- Feast of D4,10; W2, 8

- eating chametz on D7

- removing leaven & chametz D6

- seventh day of D4

unloading another's burden N3

unnatural sex H2

using God's Name lightly A6



- removing and eating, thigh H5, 6


- sowing seeds between A1

vineyard B5

vintage B6

- prohibited D18, T1

voice, God’s

- listening to R1

- obeying R1

- testing R1

Voodoo I2

vows (see promises)

- breaking F3, M2

- making & keeping A4, 5; F3, M2

- release from M2

- revoking M2

- women making M2

vulture H3



- paid daily to poor man C2

- withholding C1

walking in God’s ways A2

wall around one's roof N7

warnings, testing God's G5


- creatures H3

- purification G10

water witching I2


- palm branches D16

- the lulav on Sukkot D16

weakness N6

wealth, disparity of M7

weekly Sabbath D1

Weeks, Feast of, see “Shavuot”


-counting to Shavuot D5

- seven D5

widows N6

- not exploiting N6

wisdom, gift of Holy Spirit A7

wife P5

willows of the brook D16

winged swarming creature H3

witchcraft I2

witness, false M3

wizardry I2

women making vows M2

wool threads A1, H2

Word of God

- adding to W9

- awareness of W2, 5, 6, 8

- doorposts W1, 2, 6

- hearing W1

- internalizing W1

- listening to W1

- obeying A3

- phylacteries W1, 2, 8

- t’fillin W1, 2, 8

- preserving W7

- remembering W2, 5, 8

- speaking W1

- studying W1

- subtracting from W9

- teaching W1

- testing what is taught as W4

- tzitzit (tzitziyot) W2, 5

- walking in W2, 5, 6, 8


- eating from produce of B3

- intending to do on Sabbath D2

- partaking of the produce of B3

- planning to do on Sabbath D2

- refraining from

- on Sabbath D1, 4

- on Annual Sabbaths D4

- resting from on Sabbath D1, 4

working the land prohibited D18, T1

worship / worshiping G8

- approaching God in G10

- pagan I1


- God G8

- foreign gods I1

woven threads, two kinds A1, H2

wrestling with God H6

writ of divorce F3


- Torah, book of W7

- Song of Moses W7

written Word of God

- adding to W9

- subtracting from W9

wrongful through speech N2




- name changed to Yisrael H6


year, head of D4, 12


- acknowledging belief in G2

- believing in G1

- Covenant P1

- denying belief in G2

- High Priest P1, 2, 3, 6

- imitating A2

- Priesthood of P1, 3

- trusting G1


- Jacob’s (Ya’akov’s) name H6


- animals A1

- unequal A1, F3, P5

- with unbeliever A1, F3

Yom HaBikkurim D4, 5

- counting from D5

Yom HaDin D12

Yom HaShofar D12

Yom Kippur A6, D4, 13; G12; P6

- repentance of A6

Yom T’ruah D4, D12


zonah P5

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