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Monday, 20 December 2021
Yeshua cried

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard, but sometimes we find ourselves not being able to properly mourn. We start to well up, but then quickly brush it aside because we're either busy in the moment, or don't want to draw attention to ourselves. I'm guilty of both of these. I've always had a "move on" type of attitude. I'm sure there are others reading this that are the same. We give a shoulder to cry on, we lend an ear, but for ourselves, it's business as usual. We may cry a little bit, but we have things we need to do. We may even apologize for crying. I lost 2 brothers, a brother-in-law, and a best friend this year. November 29th, my brother's 1 year yahrzeit came, and then my mother's on December 5th. A few days later my favorite uncle passed. The flood gates opened and as hard as I tried, I couldn't stop it. Then Yeshua reminded me that he cried. He was deeply moved by those who cried for Miriam's brother. Yeshua showed emotion and wasn't embarrassed by it.

God gives us the ability to cry. Crying helps us heal through pain and loss. It is okay to take time for ourselves to mourn properly. We will be more effective in our ministries if we give ourselves time to cry and mourn when we are hurting, It is essential that we give ourselves time, in the same way we give it to others. Yeshua will comfort us if we let him.

Be a Blessing and be Blessed!

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