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Friday, 3 December 2021
Passion that makes you cry

There is so much passion in the Scriptures. I was taken by this phrase in the Torah reading yesterday ... Genesis 42:24a He (Joseph) turned away from them and wept. Joseph was listening to his brothers express repentance. Genesis 42:21 Then each man said to his brother, "We're truly guilty for our brother. We saw the distress of his soul when he begged us for mercy, but we didn't listen. That's why this distress has come to us."

Of course, Reuben has nothing to offer except to say, "I told you so." Genesis 42:22 Reuben answered them and said, "Didn't I tell you, 'Don't sin against the boy'? But you didn't listen. Now, see how his blood is now being accounted for."

Such passion! This is my favorite part of Scripture. Ultimately, Joseph is revealed to his brothers. It is a "picture" or "type" of the great revelation, when Yeshua will be revealed to His brothers, the Jewish people. Joseph wasn't crying because the story has a sad ending. He was already the prince of Egypt and knew he had all power. He was crying because the repentance being expressed by his brothers touched his heart.

Yeshua is seated now at the right hand of the Father. He has all authority. The end of history is never in doubt. Yet He wept over Lazarus. (John 11:35) But Yeshua wasn't weeping over Lazarus' death, but that He was touched by the pain and suffering others, who loved Lazarus, were experiencing.

Yeshua raised Lazarus from the dead. John 11:43 And when He had said this, He cried out with a loud voice, "Lazarus, come out!" In our Torah portion next week, Joseph will reveal himself to his brothers and establish all of his father's house as the best of Egypt. So too, in the short future, Yeshua will reveal Himself to all of Israel (Romans 11:26-27 and in this way all Israel will be saved, as it is written, "The Deliverer shall come out of Zion. He shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. And this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins.") and establish all who follow Him as the best of the kingdom of God. Yeshua, we share Your passion.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 11:00am Comment Comments: