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Tuesday, 30 November 2021
You are honoured!

Another Rabbi Trail start today!

Rabbi Trail: I'm writing to you today from "sunny" Florida (Ponte Vedra Beach outside Jacksonville). I had to put "sunny" in quotes, because this morning it is liquid sunshine. The edge of the Atlantic Ocean is about 20' from the edge of the house. In high tide, even closer. (Seems rather dangerous, no? Hey folks, sooner or later a hurricane is coming here.) Yesterday it was really sunny. Today not so much. But, as the saying goes, "Into every life a little rain must fall." It's also true that without rain, flowers never grow. End RT.

Jacob's 10th son (Leah #6), Zebulun, was born just before she gave birth to his only daughter, Dinah. Genesis 30:19 Then Leah became pregnant again and gave birth to a sixth son for Jacob. 20 Leah said, "God has presented me a good gift. This time my husband will honor me for I've borne six sons for him." So she named him Zebulun.

Based on this Scripture, we might suppose that Zebulun means "good gift" or perhaps "honor." The word itself is rarely used (especially in Scripture). The only use of it that I can find is right here. Although the Tree of Life Version uses the word "honor," several other translations use the word "dwell." In modern Hebrew, Zevel (Zayin-Bet-Lamed) means garbage, but that would seem to have no application to our present instance of the name of the 10th son.

Leah was the unloved wife whom God favored with 6 sons (4 more sons were born to the two handmaids (2 each), while Rachel, whom Jacob loved most, was barren.) This caused a dramatic family dynamic that manifested itself as dysfunction in several ways. Jacob's grandfather, Abraham, had similar issues with his beloved wife, Sarah.

In naming Zebulun, Leah was expressing her desire that after six sons, now (finally and once and for all) Jacob will love her and dwell with her (accept her as his beloved wife). The concept of "honor" seems appropriate.

We are actually getting close to the end (only 2 sons left). As we have seen, these names are describing the character of every believer. Also, these characteristics are in chronological order. They begin at the beginning (see the Son) and end at the end (destiny or destination), Benjamin means "Son of the right hand."

In the end, God will honor every believer. Our common destiny is to be accepted as a fruitful spouse (bride) of Messiah. Once we were unacceptable, but now we are not only acceptable, but received as The Beloved. One day (some day soon) we will stand under the Chuppah and look into Yeshua's eyes and see that look of approval and acceptance. Let us now look forward to that blessing with great anticipation.

Jacob 1:12

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