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Monday, 26 July 2021
Who is Adonai-Tzva'ot?

Question of the day: Our question today comes from Amos 9:5a My Lord is Adonai-Tzva'ot. Who is Adonai-Tzva'ot?

Answer: We are not well prepared for the answer. Adonai Tzva'ot is usually translated as "Lord of hosts." It is God's name when He is describing Himself as the head of the Army of God. Joshua 5:13b-14 "Joshua approached him and said to him: 'Are you for us or for our adversaries?' 'Neither,' he said. 'Rather, I have now come as commander of Adonai's army.'"

Yeshua is coming back to earth to do battle with His enemy. The children of Israel saw the destruction of their enemy, Pharaoh and sang these words in their song over God's victory. Exodus 15:3 "Adonai is a warrior - Adonai is His Name!"

We're expecting the lovable and huggable Yeshua. Won't we be surprised to find He is a mighty warrior who is not only fierce in battle, but always victorious. King David understood this: Psalm 3:8 "Arise, Adonai! Deliver me, my God! For you strike all my enemies on the cheek. You shatter the teeth of the wicked." So did his son, Solomon: Proverbs 21:31 "A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory comes from Adonai."

Let's prepare for the coming battle both defensively and offensively. Defensively, "put on the whole armor of God" Ephesians 6:11-18 (read it). Then, offensively, we have the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

Two things are required before we can use the sword of the Spirit. First, we have to know the word. We learn through repetition (which is why we are reading through the Bible every year and not just once). Secondly, we must be submitted to the word (which proves we not only know it, but believe it). It's really quite simple, obey God! That is summed up in "Shema Yisrael."

Remember, Satan has read the Bible, but he cannot have the power of God because he is not submitted to God's authority in his life. If we are (submitted to God which is demonstrated through obedience), then His victory will be our own.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 10:15am Comment Comments: