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Sunday, 11 July 2021

This week we start reading D'varim, the last book of the Torah. That came around quickly, didn't it? D'varim means "words" and there are lots of important words in this book, as meaningful for us as as for the Israelites when Moshe first spoke them! You can see the daily Parasha and Bible reading plan for this week and here is the drash for D'varim.

Please pray for the network this week ...

It's a busy Sunday: Brit Hadasha, Or Chaim and Beit Hallel all have Men's Meetings and Sisterhood Gathering. El Shaddai have a Run-Walk-Crawl-a-thon to fundraise for the Summer Youth Camp today and Brit Hadasha are taking part in the MFOI Rally for Israel in the afternoon. Every week day this week Beit Mashiach are runnnig a Vacational Bible School for the children, with the theme "Discovery On Adventure Island - Quest for God's Great Light", and tikvat Israel have a Torah Study on the Book of Acts on Tuesday evening. This Shabbat Dan and Patty Juster are visiting Or Chaim and Shoresh David, Brit Hadasha and Shomair Yisrael all have special guests speakers too! Tikvat Israel have an Erev Tish'a B'Av Service Online on Saturday evening.

The Bible verse for this week is ...

"By this is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples." (John 15:8, NASB)

How are you doing in the fruit-bearing department? Let us check in with the Vinedresser this week and find out if there is more fruit He would have us bring forth!

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