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Tuesday, 8 June 2021
Will the Bible be Cancelled?

Then there is Weinberg's question about the Bible. The Bible is really offensive unlike some of the literature that the woke culture warriors seek to cancel. What he misses is that the attempt to cancel the Bible is already gaining ground in some countries. Reading Romans 1 with its moral pronouncements is considered hate speech and forbidden. There is much to be offended at in the Bible. That one people would be elect and distinct from other ethnicities is very offensive to today's woke contingent. How about the idea that if one does not accept Yeshua one can die in sin and go to Hell? How offensive is that? How offensive that there is one true religion? The Bible also justifies eliminating the tribes of Canaan. The Psalmists prays for the crushing of the enemies of Israel including destroying the children of the conquerors.

In Seminary we learned about progressive revelation. Not all that the Psalmists pray is the heart of God for us to pray. We are now guided by the Sermon on the Mount and the love of our enemies. We are not commanded to eliminate any people but to love them, to pray and work for their salvation. What God permitted in the progress of history in the pre-New Covenant period now has to be applied under the standards of the New Covenant and the pictures in the prophets that foreshadowed the broadness of God's heart for all people.

However, cancel culture people will not be patient or tolerate such explanations. In addition, there is no way out of the narrow way that leads to salvation; that Biblical faith is the true way of salvation and superior and unlike all other religions. Its rigid moral standards for sexuality and monogamous marriage will certainly be considered hate speech. Weinberg anticipates the attempt to cancel the Bible. It will certainly happen. The new tyrants in social media will see to this. However, what will we do? We cannot stand up to this with a milk toast kind of faith. No, it will require us to enter into a place of God's presence and power that is far greater than that currently seen in Western Christianity. It will require levels of revival and revival living that we can hardly imagine. We can receive such love and power and must!

This excerpt is from my article.

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