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Tuesday, 11 May 2021
Thoughts from a rabbi

Shalom Mishpacha! In my greeting today, I’m using the term ‘Mishpacha’ purposely because it is important to understand the Hebrew term for family. The word refers to “family, household, kin, kindred, origin, species”. Along with so many other institutions in these days, the God-ordained reality and purpose of FAMILY is under incredible attack more than anything else! Yet, when we look at the Scriptures, it is the paramount covenant structure that God creates: Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness!” He goes on to say “it is not good for man to be alone" (levad in Hebrew), and I am convinced that the devil knows that truth oh so well and wants to destroy the God-breathed institution of family and we need say No to his schemes emphatically! Also, and this is so important for us to know, we in the body of Messiah, Jew and Gentile are real family, not just a bunch of individuals “doing” services together!

You have probably heard the terms “shift” or “atmospheric change” over the last few years in regards to spiritual and cultural issues. I do believe that there have been some major events recently that would validate the use of those terms and if we look with kingdom eyesight we can see that change is happening. Let me give a few personal examples to help illustrate: recently as myself and others have intentionally gone out to share about Yeshua to others, I have sensed a greater receptivity than in the past. Folks who had been turned off to religion and church are increasingly becoming interested in the PERSON of Yeshua. Also, the importance of prayer and intercession and engaging in “Spiritual warfare" for our families, cities and nation have become more of a priority.

The older I get, the more I think about an inescapable truth that all of us must bow to: Time marches on, it is inevitable in it’s effects on our bodies and our abilities, and God desires to use it to mold us into the image of Yeshua. If we approach time in a Biblical perspective, it is a slice of eternity that Father has gifted us with to partner with him for His eternal purposes. In other words, we can either dread the passage of time or redeem the time and be used by God to be part of bringing blessing and hope in an evil time!

I’m sure you have heard the statement “God loves you and has a plan for your life”, right? Well even though it sounds kind of like a corny cliche (an overused one at that!) it is still so very true. We all have an indispensable part to play in His plans and how we are to engage in them.

How many times do we have a really awesome vision or idea, and then ask God to bless our plan? Maybe we should discern His purposes and goals for planet earth and partner with Him to see His goal of ‘Tikkun Olam’ (restoration or repairing the world) come to pass! I don’t know about you, but I think being part of what God is doing will bring greater blessing and fulfillment than my puny ideas!

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