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Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Calendar Confusion

It has become common for Christians seeking to recover the Jewish roots of their faith to claim that the Church celebrations are on the wrong dates and therefore these Church dates are of pagan origin.

I believe that the problem with the Church days of celebration is not the dating, but that they are not anchored in their ancient roots. This has allowed some pagan symbolism and interpretation to be imposed upon the celebrations.

My teachings includes: how the Rabbis teach that the dates of the Feasts are set by man; only the Sabbath is set by God; that the evidence of history is that the Eastern and Western Churches differed on when to celebrate the church feast days; and Skarsaune's evidence for Jewish influence on the creeds is very important as well.

I believe this is a crucial key to our approach to Jewish roots, so I would encourage you to read my article here.

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