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Tuesday, 6 April 2021
Timely articles

Have you read these two blogposts by Rabbi Mark Rantz, who leads Beit Hallel congregation? If not, make sure you take the time to read them today!

Preparing our hearts for Pesach

Where it might be easier to just blend in and be like the world, Yeshua declares over our hearts and lives that we must be salt and light, as He commission's us in His love to reflect Him to one another, to our neighbor and to all the nations of the world. But in doing this, how should we reflect Him?

This may be a Pesach article, but it's still relevant a few weeks after the feast.

Vayikra: A kingdom of priests

In our modern world, whether in congregational life or in business, every successful organization must have both a vision statement and missional statement if thy desire to be successful and inspire others with in their collective calling.

Rabbi Mark talks us through some important points as we read through the book of Vayikra.

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