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Friday, 12 March 2021
Chazak ... !

This week's reading brings us to the end of the book of Exodus. The book begins with a statement concerning identity and the death of a relationship. It ends with a statement concerning the birth of a relationship.

Here are some questions for us to consider as we study the Torah this Shabbat.

What is the birth of this relationship and what does it tell us about ourselves?

This reading confirms the work of the tabernacle. Why is the work that was done repeated in similar detail to the initial work that was commanded to Moses beginning in Exodus 26?

In Exodus 40:35 it says Moses was not able to enter the tent because of the cloud and the glory. Why was he not able to enter the tent then but he was able to go up to the mountain twice in the cloud?

Similar to the first question above, how does this reading reflecting the completion of the tabernacle reflect our relationship to God?

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