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Friday, 5 March 2021
The Lord said to Moses...

In Exodus 33:18, part of this week's reading, as part of Moses' discussion with the Lord, he says, "Please show me your glory." God responds and says "I will make my goodness pass before you and will proclaim before you my name ..." In order to keep this concise, I won't go over the full scripture here since it is part of this week's reading. However, I will point out the connection to Yeshua.

This is our reminder that Yeshua is reflected in these attributes. It is these elements that connected Moses to God in this instance. These attributes reflect the relational connection we have to the Father. They are represented in Yeshua. (As an aside, you may be able to see a connection between the relational exercises that we have done as part of our Saturday morning worship together and this reading.)

It is important to note that what follows is a renewed covenant (Exodus 34:10). In the verses that follow we can see the imprint of identity as those verses discuss the promised land. If you have been following along in recent weeks and months, you will immediately understand to what I am refer as this imprint of identity.

There are many ways in which we see Yeshua in this reading. They are all meant to build up our relationship with the Father. He is relational and He created us to be relational. This brings us to another question for us all to reflect on: How do all the verses in Exodus 34:10-26 reflect this imprint of and demonstrate this imprint of identity?

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