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Friday, 19 February 2021
The way we connect to God

This week's reading is an interesting reading. Not because it seems like mostly a description the components of the tabernacle. However, in terms of identity, the description of the tabernacle and its contents serves an important purpose.

As I have mentioned before, it is so important to understand that we derive our identity from Yeshua because it is reflected to us (through Yeshua from those around us). Therefore, if we put something in between us and Yeshua's reflection of himself, we no longer reflect our identity in Yeshua. We, instead, reflect our identity in whatever we have placed in between us. To understand the meaning of the tabernacle means to understand the process of how we communicate with God. The process of how we communicate with God is important because, as I mentioned above, we must remain connected to God to be and to stay who are meant to be in Yeshua.

Let's take a look at the final part of last week's reading to prepare us for this week. It includes God's promise to drive out the inhabitants of the land slowly. Applied to us, this is meant to help understand that we claim our full identity (in Yeshua) slowly. We have to learn our new identity and how to live in it slowly. This also means bearing much fruit and demonstrating ourselves as disciples of Yeshua. We, basically, have to learn who we are in Yeshua and what that means. Moreover, we have to learn and understand where "our borders" are drawn and avoid making covenants with false identities or false elements of our identity.

This covenant aspect takes us into Exodus 24. The necessary elements are presented. There is a memorialization, (the writing) and the promulgation (the reading). The covenant was formally executed in chapter 24 with the blood (verse 24) and the meal (verse 11). These are present in the New Testament in several places including the "last supper" and other elements of Passover. Interestingly, Exodus 24:8 and Matthew 27:25 are connected as well. This is, perhaps, somewhat of a reinterpretation for some of Matthew 27:5. It requires much more attention than we have time for here.

For now, it's important to understand how these verse connections are meant to prepare us for understanding how to connect relationally with God. They provide the "what". As we begin study in Exodus 25, we focus on the "how". These are all connected to our identity in Yeshua. For the focus this week we want to look at how the description of the tabernacle helps us to understand how we can connect (communicate with) to God in our lives today. We also want to look at the description of the furniture in the tabernacle. How does the furniture help us to see how we connect to (communicate with) God today?

Our Shabbat Meeting Information: We will be meeting at 10:45am to begin fellowship. You may join us online by going to Google Meet and entering the following code: wqg-wmqb-fcb. We look forward to seeing you.

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