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Wednesday, 13 January 2021
Confusion, fear and motivation

Today more than ever we live in a world where we are surrounded by confusion. One of Satan's oldest tactics is to bring fear into the life of the Believer to separate us from Yeshua. However, when we love the Lord with all our heart and soul; dwelling in His Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit; there is Peace.

As we go out among those who are living in fear, this Spirit of Peace can flow and bring change. The love and peace of God in all situations is the light in the darkness, despite how people may look at us. Unfortunately, all too often the world sees the Believer as weak. It is as if we are living in two worlds; one of disrespect and one of love. How are we to function in an environment where respect is seen as weakness?

We must ask ourselves what it is that motivates us? We have the ability to choose to give in or yield to a situation; knowing that we do so from a place of self confidence in the knowledge that we do so in strength not weakness.

Yeshua's states In John 14:12-29 that we will do even greater works than He; that whatever we ask in His name He will do, IF we love Him and keep His commandments. Here we find all the tools we will need to effectively reflect Him in our lives, love and obedience. Yeshua gives us the ability to overcome through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks to this we can effectively reach out to our community even though they may see us as weak. How do we see ourselves; as a lion or a lamb? We are called to be both. May Yeshua be revealed through our lives.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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