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Wednesday, 23 December 2020
Spiritual authority

Where do we as believers stand in the spiritual authority which is ours through the power that dwells in us by the Holy Spirit? Mark 16:17-18 What is a demon and do they exist in or around us? Do they still exist today? When we look at a person diagnosed as schizophrenic are we dealing with the chemical disorder in the brain, demonic activity or both?

How are we to approach situations involving demonic activity, healing and anything where taking authority is involved? If we look at Yeshua's example we see that authority doesn't mean doing things in our way or our time. A good example of this can be found in Matthew 4:1-11 which takes place after Yeshua was baptized and went out to the desert. He could have answered Satan with an attitude of confidence and pride but He did not. Instead, Yeshua answered Satan with the Word of God.

Throughout scripture we are given the example of Yeshua stepping back so to speak, because it was not yet His time. We also see situations where people responded to the testing of Satan in their own words and not the Word of God; opening the door for the enemy to twist and manipulate the outcome. We must be careful not to find ourselves in a situation where a demon is cast out; yet the condition of the person's heart is such that the same spirit can return. Luke 11:14-26

Satan's tests are aimed at defilement; the result of which is then to be unholy. We must remain continually filled with the Holy Spirit. We live in a world where the demonic surrounds us; manifesting itself in fear and doubt. The aim and outcome of which is to keep us from fulfilling all that we are meant to do. The Lord's prayer, Matthew 6:5-13 is key in our continual renewal.

Believers make a big mistake in thinking that there are no demons today. We should be prepared to pray for a person in need; people we know and those we may just pass on the street. Remembering that we can take authority; yet that person must have a desire to change and to let go of the hurt and unforgiveness. We are called to go forth in love not fear, with His thoughts not ours. We should go into the battle equipped; filled with His Holy Spirit and speaking His words to people. His words are life and if we come in His Spirit they will see Him and not us.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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