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Thursday, 19 November 2020
Bird alone to eagle soaring

Psalm 102:1-12 is a prayer of a man who in the midst of his suffering, brings his complaints, fears and sorrows before God. Although it is not clear where all this pressure is coming from, it appears to be from many directions. He speaks specifically about his enemies and also his physical body, on the other hand we get the impression that part of the problem is a distancing from God.

Whatever the reason for David feeling distanced from God and God's displeasure with him, this is a dangerous place to be. How is it possible to come before God in this situation? We see the dryness of his physical, mental and spiritual being; the lack of water (Holy Spirit) which David was so accustomed to. The birds referenced are those of the desert and ruined places which symbolize death and destruction.

Interestingly David references the sense of feeling alone like a bird on the roof. When is the last time we found David alone on the roof but with Bathsheba and where did that lead him? David fell into that situation; by not being where he was suppose to be.

The depth of David's suffering is pictured as his tears fill the cup that he drinks from and the sense that everyone is against him. Where else in the Word do we read of someone being scorned? We see Yeshua in this very place, calling out to Abba from a place of emptiness, far from God, a place of suffering when all but a few had turned against Him.

The question which remains to be asked is whether or not this is a place for believers in Yeshua? This can cause doubt; opening the door for lack of faith to the extent of questioning even our belief in God. In verse 12 we see the switch in David as he turns to God. Psalm 102:12-28 The change comes through proclaiming God and His attributes and promises. This Psalm is not written as one person's suffering but that of us all. No one is immune from a time of struggle, testing and sorrow. God wants us to turn to and lean on Him.

Who are the prisoners mentioned here and what are their prisons? Fear of death is one of the greatest prisons of all to those who are not living under God's refuge. He takes us beyond the pressures of this world. When we enter into praise and worship, thanksgiving to God and are filled with His Spirit we have found the key to exiting from a place of confusion, fear and doubt. Psalm 103:5

In this place we go from a bird alone on the roof to an eagle soaring above all situations. Isaiah 40:29-31

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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