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Wednesday, 18 November 2020
I lift up my eyes ...

In the beginning of Genesis 18, the Lord appears to Abraham while Abraham is sitting at the door of the tent in the heat of the day. From time-to-time we may find ourselves in the middle of difficult circumstances just like that "heat of the day". It is during those times that it is especially difficult for us to act like we who we are (in accordance with our identity in Yeshua).

Abraham is sitting, or as the word is often translated dwelling at the opening of his tent. Or to put it another way, in terms of identity, he is staying at the place of expectation of readiness to be himself in the midst of difficulty.

Although the heat will often keep us from our work, Abraham wasn't too tired to do anything else. He did wait until he knew what needed to be done. At the correct time, Abraham runs up and does the prep work for hosting his guests.

Often, the Lord appears to us in the middle of our difficult circumstances. But, we are not prepared to meet with him either because we are not looking up because we are focused on the heat, or because we are not responding to the "heat" the way we are supposed to and we aren't in the place to look up and see the Lord. In any case, our identity in Yeshua tells us that we act like who we are when we wait for him in the middle of difficulty so that we can respond to him.

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