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Friday, 23 October 2020
To be wholehearted

"Here is the history of Noach. In his generation, Noach was a man righteous and wholehearted; Noach walked with God." (Genesis 6:9, CJB)

These are the opening words of the Torah part this week. Some put the emphasis on "In his generation", to say that Noah was only righteous by comparison to those who were alive at the time. Others put the emphasis on Noah being righteous and others still on him "walking with G-d". What struck me about this verse is the CJB translation of "wholehearted".

The word tamim can be blameless, perfect, complete, whole, without defect - and in our translation, wholehearted. In today's society, we have so many distractions and even when we are talking with someone they are very often scanning their mobile to see something that has appeared on their screen! We have all been made righteous by the blood of Yeshua, but we still have to work out our sanctification in our daily lives. Are you distracted in your journey of faith or standing complete and wholehearted?

It's a tough old world at the moment, with political struggles before the presidential election, a medical situation noone knows how to hand and daily life carrying on regardless because time marches on! Many have been saying for decades that we are entering the final "days of Noah" before Yeshua's return. Whether our time here on earth is to continue for a long time or short time, we are here for a purpose! We all need to be walking with G-d and leading wholehearted lives, so this Shabbat let's check in with the Master and ask for grace and strength.

"It will go well with that servant if he is found doing his job when his master comes." (Matthew 24:46, CJB)

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