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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

As you struggle to get back into the workaday routine after the excitement of Sukkot, why not take some time to catch up on some of these recent posts on the Tikkun Global website? They encompass both teaching and reports from the Land - happy reading!

New Platform for Discipleship

It began during the Corona restrictions on public gatherings. Together with several others at Revive Israel and friends, we started to develop a modest-sized farming area, just several hundred meters from our offices, as a new platform for indigenous discipleship and evangelism to Israelis. target=_blank>Church in Decline?

The individuals surveyed are the PKs, the pastors' kids, the children of the vicarage/manse; it is the children of the Sunday school teachers and the worship team (or organist), the long-term church members, the "regulars", the old reliable brigade, the pillars of the church who have kept the place together for the last twenty years. If anyone has been brought up "in the faith" it must be them.

Whose Plan are We Following Anyway?

We love getting together and we love one another, but it is always an effort to make the meetings happen. It actually feels as though it takes supernatural effort, which is, in fact, the reality. The devil's agenda is to get us to blame, mistrust and distance ourselves from one another. But God designed us to support one another, walk with one another, to trust and obey Him together.

Turning up the Heat

Isn't that what's happening to us now? There are violent winds tearing at society's foundations, earthquakes endangering world-wide health, and fires destroying what has been secure. God is not "in them." Nevertheless, His aim is, through these upheavals, to wake us up to a rapidly and radically deteriorating world. And then for us to hear His voice--each one of us, personally, intimately.

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