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Tuesday, 28 July 2020
Leadership Recordings I

As many of you will know, in the few days before the Tikkun America Family Conference held each year over the Memorial Day weekend, the Tikkun America leaders meet for a leadership conference. There are sessions for the senior leaders only, a business meeting and a number of sessions for all leaders: senior, elders, deacons, interns and so on. This year, despite the Covid-19 issues, was no exception although the number of sessions was a little reduced. Attendance, of course, was by Zoom conference, but that meant that our friends and leaders in other countries could also attend and we have quality recordings that we can share with you.

We're going to start these leadership sessions with the one given on the first 'day' of the conference by Asher Intrater from the Revive israel office near Jerusalem. Thanks to Asher for staying up late to share with us - this is a cracking session addressing one of the key issues in leadership for all of us today. This message is entitled "Getting Ego Out of the Way" and you can watch it here:

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