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Wednesday, 22 July 2020
Theological Integrity - Part Two

In recent times we have heard some with influence teach the following. 1. That there is no judgment during this age, but that this is an age of grace and love without judgment or wrath. Judgment and wrath are Old Testament realities, not New Testament. 2. That the New Testament teaches that we are only to love God and that we are not to think that the fear of God is relevant or proper motivation. 3. That the Old Testament is irrelevant to believers in the New Covenant. Yes, it is the Word of God but is now mostly irrelevant. It is as a past word of God now that we are in the New Covenant. 4. That God expects us to exercise faith in such a way that we can all become very rich.

I could go on and note other aberrations. You may have your own list. I sometimes wonder if these people carefully read the Bible, and even just the New Testament! Do they really fully accept even the authority of the New Testament, though of course, I argue always for the authority of the whole Bible. Accepting the New requires accepting the authority of the Old since the New Testament directly teaches the continuing authority of the Old which it calls Scripture and does not use the phrase “Old Testament.”

It would be very helpful if those who have a large platform of exposure due to their anointing, media, or a large Church; would have a theological partner to vet writings and media presentations before launching off into the never-never land of bizarre theology and bizarre proclamations. The theological partner would be one sympathetic to their general orientation.

My friend Dr. Craig Keener of Asbury Seminary, who wrote the brilliant book Spirit Hermeneutics, is a top Biblical theologian. His book is a corrective for Pentecostal and Charismatic scholars and applies to all Bible teachers. Professor Keener is a very strong supporter of movements that show the power of the Spirit. A person such as Dr. Keener could be a great aid to the large platform ministers whose presence in media, television, videos, and writing gains a great following. With such a platform of influence comes greater responsibility.

God desires humility. If the critics would be slower to condemn, this would help unity as well. Let their writings of correction come with humility and pleading on a biblical basis. May those with large platforms and who have power ministries have the humility to have advisors who are well trained and solid in theology. This would be helpful to the quest for greater unity.

This excerpt was taken from my article.

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