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Tuesday, 23 June 2020
The Need for the Prophetic

The plagues of the last days in the book of Revelation will require strong prophetic voices in various regions of the world to give both interpretation of what is happening and direction of what to do. This will require not only accurate and strong prophetic voices, but also a much greater sharpening of God's people in knowing the Spirit. This is because, in the New Covenant, we all have the Spirit and are to be prophetic. Our inner man will need to give confirmation of what is spoken. Without a sensitive ability for accurate confirmation, we will be subject to false prophecy. It will be both the track record of accountable prophets and the discernment of God's people that will be key.

In the last days' spiritual battles, the level of disinformation and media control will be so great that merely trying to figure out the truth by intellectual pursuit will not be sufficient. Even today in this virus situation there is much suppression of factual information so that people will only follow the received wisdom of the establishment and the media and social networking companies. God's people must have a supernatural source of information and other means of communication to break through the disinformation even when those who spread this disinformation mean well. I think we will find out more about this virus and its treatment that will show how much false information became a consensus. This may prepare us to seek a better way.

The Spirit will be poured out in the last of the last days. There will be a great harvest and there will be supernatural means to know how to oppose the Kingdom of Darkness and how to overcome false information. It will be essential. Do obtain my book to encourage you in the battles we will face.

This excerpt was taken from my article.

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