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Friday, 5 June 2020
The vow he makes

"This is the law for the nazir who makes a vow and for his offering to ADONAI for his being a nazir - in addition to anything more for which he has sufficient means. In keeping with whatever vow he makes, he must do it according to the law for the nazir." (Numbers 6:21, CJB)

Vows - well, we don't make and keep vows anymore, do we? After all, that was part of the sacrificial system that, without a temple, we can't observe ... so what has it to do with us?

How many of us do actually make vows, either to G-d or someone else? Have you never committed in your heart to do something, or even made a verbal commitment? We may not have the Nazarite Vow today, and we may not consecrate the best of our flock to temple usage, but it's still important to keep G-d's regulations, to keep our word and to do what we have told G-d that we will do.

Maybe this weekend we should take a moment to have a chat with the L-rd and ask Him if there are any outstanding commitments that need to be fulfilled!

"The next day Sha'ul took the men, purified himself along with them and entered the Temple to give notice of when the period of purification would be finished and the offering would have to be made for each of them" (Acts 21:26, CJB)

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