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Tuesday, 21 April 2020
Entering Yom HaShoah

We are getting ready to enter into Yom HaShoah 2020. I am including a link below from the Baltimore Jewish Council to a video program for this year's remembrance. I am also including a link, below, to the oral testimony project, which was mentioned in the video.

Link to video:

Link to oral testimony project:

One of the most intense quotes in this video reminds us that "in being sentenced to die they forgot how to live". We remember so that we may never forget how to live. During this time of pandemic it may be tempting to complain about life. This is something we must never do. As disciples of Yeshua, we must instead be thankful for our lives in Yeshua.

We are obligated, through the grace that we have received in Yeshua to demonstrate the love of Yeshua. We are obligated to live our lives by valuing people because they were created by God in His image. This is what Torah teaches us.

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