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Tuesday, 24 March 2020
Messianic Jewish Outreach (4)

Yesterday, we introduced Stuart Dauermann's sketch from Ezekiel 37. His seven points may be very interesting, but many may not see the connection to Jewish ministry today. Let's hear what Dauermann says next:

Seen in this prophetic context [that is, of God keeping His covenant promises to Israel and Himself], the good news of Yeshua is indeed good news for the Jewish people. As the Son of David, the Messiah plays a central role in the fulfillment of all these aspects.

Amongst all His other identities - all of which are true - we must not lose sight of Yeshua as the Son of David and His purpose and enduring covenant with Israel. Dauermann continues:

Yeshua's Davidic identity is central for Paul as well. Of the three times he summarises the gospel he preaches (Romans 1:1-6, 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, 2 Timothy 2:8), twice Paul highlights Yeshua's identity as the Son of David, highlighting not simply Yeshua's genealogy, but rather his office. While he is head of the church, as Son of David, Yeshua is also the one through whom all God's consummating purposes are to be realised.

Next time, we'll look in a little more detail at some of Ezekiel's seven aspects.

Taken from Stuart Dauermann, "Messianic Jewish Outreach", chapter 7 in Introduction to Messianic Judiasm, edited by David J Rudolph and Joel Willits, Zondervan 2013, page 93.

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