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Monday, 9 March 2020
Do we fear God?

Question of the day: Satan asks the question of the day. (We don't usually give him that privilege.) Job 1:9b "Does Job fear God for nothing?"

Answer: The reason Satan asks God the question is to prove that Job only fears God because he is receiving a blessing. Ultimately, we find out by the end of the story that Job fears God through every trial and temptation of Satan. Job passed every test.

The question has to have an application in our own lives. Why do we honor, respect, and revere God? Do we seek His hand or do we seek His face? If all we're doing is trading our affection for His blessing, we have a works mentality.

Grace is not works, and we, who are followers of Yeshua, are saved by grace! (Romans 11:6 and Ephesians 2:8) The reason we sing the Shema every week is that we must keep God #1 in every area of our lives. He is Lord of our families. He is Lord of ... every relationship, every area of life, our bank account, our professional life, and especially our emotional life.

For sure, God is the commander of the hosts of heaven, and everything on earth is under His authority. But there is that human heart thing at the core of Satan's challenge to God. Will we follow Him, without regard to benefit? We won't know until we're tested. (So I hate even asking the question.)

Job provides us with the words for our own answer to the question as He makes his own defense before God ... Job 13:15 "Even if He slays me, I will wait for Him; I will surely defend my ways before Him. May this be our own inheritance in Messiah Yeshua."

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 11:01am Comment Comments: