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Monday, 20 January 2020
Narratives #2

How do we deliver ourselves from being corrupted by the narratives that swirl about and constantly bombard us on the internet? Narratives that are exaggerations and so out of balance Here are my recommendations.

1, Be immersed in the Word of God and see all of life through biblical rooting.

2, Note that all people are corrupt. They need to be saved. As such, when the going gets tough, many will do evil to save themselves. Witness Hitler’s power in the Holocaust. Don’t ever conclude that one group is good and another bad or that all the oppressed are good (identity politics and intersectionality). All have sinned, are corrupt and need salvation.

3, Be skeptical about all sub-meta-narratives that do not square with biblical perspectives on human life.

4, Prayerfully seek the Holy Spirit. He can alert you to know that something is wrong with a narrative.

5, Pursue competing narratives and compare their basis in research and evidence.

6, For any issue pursue the standard of comprehensiveness; taking into account all the relevant information about the issues at hand.

7, Recognize that we are limited and it is fine to say that you do not know and have not studied the issue sufficiently. You are only responsible to pursue knowledge in areas as led by the Spirit.

This excerpt was taken from my article.

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