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Wednesday, 1 January 2020
Five Pillars and Eschatology

We again summarize the keys to the second coming of Yeshua. They are revival and passion for Yeshua, unity, world missions and evangelism, making Israel jealous and a leadership that is passionate for the other four. The other issues of eschatology are less important than these five pillars. If one believes and acts on the basis of these five and is passionate about the Messiah's return, then this would be sufficient. However, God wants us to have more understanding of what we will face at the end of this Age. In the Bible, the last days began with the coming of Yeshua. The Kingdom of God has broken into this age and is in partial manifestation in communities of the Kingdom, in the preaching of the Gospel with signs and wonders that show the Kingdom and in influencing societies with biblical principles. However, this partial Kingdom reality leads to the last of the last days with events that lead to the second coming of Yeshua. The Bible indicates that before the return of Yeshua, there will be a time of judgment on the earth and difficult times for Yeshua's followers. The prophets call this the Day of the Lord, where God comes in judgment on the nations, but ultimate rescue for his people. But until that rescue, we are sometimes called to suffer for his sake.

Five Pillars theology thus best fits with the idea that there will be a great tribulation in the future, but that the Church will be growing and gaining a harvest and completing its work in this age. The time of persecution and trial may be one element in unifying the Church.

So the Five Pillar view has room for the difficulties of the last days as we read in Isaiah,25, 26, Joel 3, Ezekiel 38, 39, Daniel 11, 12, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, II Thes. 2 and the Book of Revelation. The Church will pass through a Passover trial and an exodus into glory.

In addition, the Five Pillar view is very compatible with the prophecies of Israel returning to the Land and in Ezekiel 36, in unbelief. This actually sets up a situation which makes national repentance and turning to Yeshua much more feasible, even imaginable, since there will be one center in Jerusalem for Israel and Jewry in the Diaspora.

This excerpt was taken from my article.

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