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Tuesday, 24 December 2019
Articles from Israel

Come and catch up on what some of the ministries in the Land have been writing about recently ...

Discipleship as a Partnership, by Guy Cohen

For a congregation to grow and enter into the vision God gives, there needs to be direction and following (disciples). This is true for all areas of life, even in the modern business world. There is a limit to how much one leader/administrator can carry on his or her shoulders.

Daniel's Story, by Shavei Tzion

Then one day Daniel sat down at the piano and began to play, note by note. As he started to learn, he overcame his shyness and psychological complexes! Prayers, the support of loved ones and creative passion all helped him grow and flourish.

Be Holy or Do Holy? by Greta Mavro

Love without holiness is carnal and earthy. Holiness without love is lofty and external. Love and holiness must be integrated.

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