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Sunday, 8 December 2019
Is this freedom?

Communication has become easier and faster and yet in many ways more complicated and less accurate. One word taken out of context can change the whole meaning of a sentence. With this in mind how are we to take the meaning of the word freedom in the Word of God?

One of the ways to look at freedom in today's society is doing what I want when I want it. Is that what the Word of God means by freedom? God's borders begin at creation when He separated land and sea. We first see His framework for living with Adam and Eve . We can choose to look at their situation in two ways. One, they had the freedom or access to just about everything in the garden. Yet, they also had the freedom to choose to listen to God and not eat the fruit of one tree. Some would say that with this restriction they were not actually free.

Is that how we look at the foundation of the Word of God in our lives? Do we see the Word as restricting us and making us slaves or to protect us? We have the freedom to choose and with that comes responsibility. Adam and Eve and the generations to follow were effected by their choice.

And so when applying the Word of God to our lives we must be careful not to define it according to today's understanding. God's framework is not to take freedom from us but because of His love for us; it is to protect us.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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