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Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Latest teaching from Israel

Have you had time to read these articles from the Tikkun ministries in Israel? If not, make sure you take some time to read them today!

Thought Life: Creepy Jungle or Fertile Field - Eitan Shishkoff

At times, this battlefield is a weedy jungle of depressive thoughts, self-condemnation, lust, frustration with myself and others, resentment, irritations, insecurity, self-pity, and temptations to judge or reject others. That is when I must take charge of my thought life and insist that the choice is mine!

Five Big "Alls" - Asher Intrater

In praying for this blessed event, I realized that such a revival in Israel would undoubtedly be connected with a wider outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The revival in Israel and the worldwide outpouring are part of one and the same occurrence.

Discerning the Body of the Lord - Ariel Blumenthal

This is not a failure to correctly apprehend the mystical transformation of a morsel of bread to the literal Body of Christ; from the context it is clear that he is speaking of a failure to apprehend the power, sanctity, and authority that God intends to be present in the weekly meeting of the saints.

Lion and Lamb - Asher Intrater

On the other hand, there is a correct hidden meaning in that comparison, in which Joseph rules among the Gentiles, and David ruled within Israel. The Messiah must rule as both head of the international Church and as king of Judah/Israel.

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