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Friday, 11 October 2019
Sukkot at Beit Simcha

This year Sukkot begins on October 13th at sunset. It continues for eight days (seven days in the land of Israel), remembering the goodness of God, the harvest of agricultural produce, the harvest of souls into the body of Messiah, and every blessing from God's hand.

Sukkot is one of the three Jewish Feasts that God specifically appointed as a time for his people to gather in Jerusalem, to live in booths (sukkot, singular sukkah), to rejoice, to intercede for the nations and for the next harvest.

If you could travel to Israel at this time of year, you would find Jerusalem packed with believers in Yeshua along with religious and secular Jews from The Land and from abroad. Singing and dancing, waving bundles of branches (lulav), holding a yellow citrus fruit (etrog), spontaneous parades wind through the ancient streets. Every language is represented by flag-carrying worshipers. A crush of humanity fills the courts at the Wailing Wall. It is a time to touch the ancient stones, to press prayers into the cracks and to believe that God in heaven hears all, sees all, and will not fail to keep his promises.

At Beit Simcha, the Spirit of God, (Ruach HaKodesh) has called us into a heartfelt celebration of all the Fall Feasts. Preparations for Sukkot have begun. Our community sukkah is being constructed next to the picnic pavilion behind the Grange hall. Our community celebration is planned for Shabbat, October 19th, 2019 beginning at 10:00am. That is when we catch the spirit of Israeli celebration by singing and dancing, waving lulavs and flags, while we process from the lower level, around the side of the Grange and into the "House of the Lord". At this Shabbat Service we will come before the Lord appreciating the plans and symbolism of God for Israel and for the nations of the world. Waving the lulav, holding the flags of Israel and the nations, we will stand in unity with the plans of God, calling in the rain of the Spirit and the future harvest of soulsfrom Israel and every nation.

Like all Jewish feasts, Sukkoth as a past, a present, and a future application. Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus) is the cornerstone of each feast. We will remember that Yeshua lived in the land of Israel. He walked the streets of Jerusalem and went to the Temple to observe the feasts. John 10 tells us about a specific incident when Yeshua was in the Temple during the Sukkot ceremonies. We are going to dramatize that event. Then we will form a Holy Spirit impartation "Fire Tunnel" so that each person can walk through and receive an increase of Holy Spirit power and gifting into their life.

The celebration will continue in the Sukkah: singing, dancing, chanting, bringing our offerings to the Lord. No one came to the Temple empty-handed during the season of Sukkot. If the Lord is putting a special offering on your heart, this is the time to bring it.

Special guests for October 19th, 2019 are Jonathon Storm of Pomegranate Ministries and Mary Hoppes, an international intercessor. What's a feast without food? The service will flow into a delightful shared meal (Oneg). We hope many will attend. Come early so you get a good parking place and you don't miss a moment of the celebration. Members and those who attend regularly are asked to bring a dish/food for the Oneg.

To one and all: "Chag Sameach!" (Happy Holiday). We hope to see you at Sukkot!

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