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Monday, 23 September 2019
The Kingdom of God

The Believer's race in life, what should it look like? Philippians 3:17-25 gives us a taste of what our perspective and goals should be. It sharpens the meaning of our identity.

What should our goal be? We are part of the Kingdom of God yet standing here in this kingdom. We each have something to do while living our lives here. Being in the world yet not of the world takes on a different meaning when you break it down this way. We are called to do His work here, we are Yeshua's reflection and our purpose must be to serve and to work with a right heart and spirit.

Yeshua could have taken Pontius Pilate seat and began to rule right then and there. However, that is not the kingdom He came to rule. He is our model, a simple man with God's authority, living and moving here on earth. There is nothing new under the sun and no matter what government is in office it is impossible for there to be justice without being humbled before God.

Our prayers and intercession for the election and the governments of this world must remain sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit. We must remain faithful to the Kingdom of God. Israel's kings of old were chose by God and yet none of them were perfect. So amidst the corruption of today's world our focus is on the promise that one day Yeshua will come and sit on His throne in Jerusalem.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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