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Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Quiet Times

In biblical times the healing of leprosy was next to unheard of and therefore would be taken as a sign of the Messiah. For a person to be proclaimed clean they would have to go to the priest (Leviticus 13) and if they were not clean sent outside the camp. With this in mind we have a better picture of the situation in Luke 5:12-16 when Yeshua healed the leper and told him not to tell anyone. As is to be expected, the people flocked to Yeshua for healing. What was His reaction? Why did Yeshua not want anyone to know?

Yeshua did not promote himself nor go about looking to make Himself known. Instead we read in Luke, that He often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed. He spent quiet time with the Father. This is our example; we must remember that it's not us but G-d operating through us.

We must be careful not to cross a line using the anointing for self interest. The result is then controlling which is a symptom of lack of time with Yeshua. Prayer and worship positions us for seeing through His eyes.

We need quiet time with G-d to be vessels prepared for Him to work through. Are we prepared to receive masses of people in need? Are we capable of remaining humble when G-d works through us? Will we begin to turn to our natural abilities for the purpose of fulfilling our own ambitions?

Our challenge is to find that place between our personal relationship with G-d and our relationship with people. When people come to us, they are not coming to us, they are coming to Yeshua. G-d wants to heal, but like Yeshua we must take that time to withdraw and hear G-d's voice.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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