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Friday, 26 July 2019
Older leaders?

David Rudolph and Elliot Klayman bring up an interesting point:

The aging of Messianic leaders is a challenge that the Messianic Jewish community is facing. A recent demographic study found that two-thirds of all UMJC senior congregational leaders were between the ages of fifty-five and seventy. In response, the UMJC has developed an initiative to attract younger leaders with the goal of seeing the average age of UMJC rabbis drop below fifty by 2020. (Chapter 2, page 45)

Are you worried about the age of Messianic leaders? Do you think it's a bad thing if they are often older men? Or would you rather see younger men leading the congregations?

Is age the actual concern? Or should we be less concerned about the physical age of our leaders and focussing more on whether we have discipleship and training in place to train the "next generation" of leaders?

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Friday, 26 July 2019
Comment -

I love that we have a Rabbi, no matter the age. I’m not against a younger one in replace but at our congregation, I believe, was poorly done. Reason: the younger Pastor is not qualified to replace our Rabbi. He admits that he isn’t good at teaching. All of us greaty respect him and he is excellent at what he does but not as Pastor. When coming into our congregation I could feel the tension. We need an older man to listen too. Reasoning: is because we need to hear God’s word for conviction, truth, etc. Many, in all types of denominations, are not being fed. It’s come to the point that staying at home and listening to a Rabbi online is getting to be the only option. We don’t want that to be. We all have different gifts. Which is why we come together to learn from each other. BUT we have a teacher(Pastor, Rabbi) to learn from and convict us to grow closer to Yeshua in obedience, truth, etc.

Posted By Anon 02:25pm