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Friday, 12 July 2019
What's on this weekend

There is a lot going on around the network this weekend, with special speakers, seminars and book clubs - so look up what's happening in a congregation near you and don't miss out!

Tikvat Israel (Richmond, VA)

Tikvat Israel have an Erev Shabbat chavurah on Friday evening and it begins at 7pm.

Shomair Yisrael (Knoxville, TN)

Shomair Yisrael have their monthly Erev Shabbat Dinner and service - the dinner will be themed "Keep It Cool with Salads", so bring a salad (chicken, tuna, egg, pasta, lettuce), bread, or dessert to share.

Guest speaker this Shabbat is Daniah Greenberg (founder and president of, who will be speaking on Friday evening, during the Shabbat morning service, and following the oneg in the afternoon.

Beth Am Messiah (New City, NY)

Beth Am Messiah will be receiving their monthly report and offering for Voice of the Martyrs. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to hear about the work this ministry does!

Elim (Jacksonville, FL)

Elim are hosting Tzofiya Rogers and the As You Go Prophetic Team visiting for an equipping visit: She and her team will host two equipping sessions in the morning and afternoon, and then they will also teach at the evening Shabbat service. Come if you want to be equipped more in the gifts and ministry of the prophetic and deliverance.

El Shaddai (Frederick, MD)

On Saturday evening El Shaddai have a Toldot Havdalah for young adults, beginning at 5pm. On Sunday morning the women's book club will be starting a new book: The Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero. All women are invited to join the book club at 9am! There is also a Young Families Home Group at 10am.

Beit Hallel (Ocala, FL)

Beit Hallel's Sisterhood have their monthly meeting this afternoon. Come and join them at 1pm as Rebbetzin Kat Rantz leads them through a discussion of the book they are reading at the moment.

Shomair Yisrael (Knoxville, TN)

Shomair Yisrael begin a new set of HaYesod Discipleship Classes this afternoon! The classes will be every Sunday, 4-6pm, for ten weeks. Get your workbook and pull up a chair to learn together.

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