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Wednesday, 19 June 2019
The Afterlife #2

The contrast in biblical faith (Christianity and Judaism) could not be clearer. Yes, there have been dark chapters, but the teaching of the Bible is the foundation of a just and humane social order. All human beings are created in the image of God. The Samaritan is singled out for praise in the parable of Yeshua. Love for the stranger, the foreigner, care for the poor, and provision for the widow are all commanded. In the teaching of Yeshua, love for the enemy, doing unto all others as we would have them do to us, brings us to a height of ethical idealism. Because all men and women are in the image of God, all are to be treated with dignity, compassion, and justice. The Ten Commandments clearly define righteous behavior. The value of the individual gives rise to human rights and can provide support for a democratic governmental order.

Biblical faith has even given rise to peace denominations that eschew the sword completely, such as the Mennonites. One can not say that the Mennonites have ever done violence in the name of religion; so here is one case where the claim of the cynic just does not hold true. All religions are not created equal.

God's favor in the afterlife is accorded to those who adhere to these standards. In the New Covenant Scriptures, embracing the salvation of Yeshua is the foundation for the rewards of the afterlife. Yeshua is our pattern for godly behavior. He lays down His life for others. God is defined in clear terms as revealed in the person of Yeshua. The afterlife is not a vague concept, but is resurrection life in glorified bodies where there is fellowship among peoples.

This second excerpt was taken from my article.

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