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Thursday, 23 May 2019
Is this true?

Question of the day: We say the Bible is true, and there is no lie in it. Is this verse true? Psalm 119:47 "I delight in Your mitzvot, which I love."

Answer: Mitzvot are commandments. The word used for delight is Sha'a. It is used 3 times in Psalm 119 with the same meaning, each time for a different type of law. 5 times it appears in Isaiah. Plus once in Psalm 94 makes 9 times total. (Strong's may have this messed up and there could be another 9 times it is used. Just because you read it on the internet, it doesn't make it true.)

Let's not miss the point here (among my digressions). The point is this, "Do we delight in God's commandments?" When God gives us a command, do we ask him questions? Questions like, "Do I have to?" Or, "How much or how often do I have to obey this?" These are not the questions of a delighted person.

God promises to write His word on our hearts. (Remember trust and obey - emphasis here on "obey"?) If His word is written on our hearts, then why in the world would we go our own way, after our own hearts; the hearts that lead us astray? (Numbers 15:39)

We wouldn't and we shouldn't. Blessings.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 10:16am Comment Comments: