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Thursday, 18 April 2019
Shalom - and the Afikomen!

Psalm 29:11 "Adonai gives strength to His people. Adonai blesses His people with shalom."

This verse is part of the Torah service liturgy. Is there a better blessing than shalom? The shalom of God is the shalem of God. From this word we get the Yiddish word shalema (pronounced “Sha-lay-ma”). It means complete, whole, lacking nothing, and even perfect.

We are all born with a restlessness. As we grow older, we know we're missing something, but we don't know what it is, and we don't know how to find it. So we start searching for that something that will complete us, make us satisfied, fulfill our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Here's a Hebrew lesson for you. Chipasta U'Matzatai meaning "I searched and I found." Everyone is looking for Shalom, but only Yeshua can provide it. Looking for Shalom anywhere else is idolatry.

No wonder that Afikomen (hidden middle matzah) is searched for, then found, then what was found becomes the bread (matzah) of communion.

Hear the words of Yeshua, spoken on the same night He was betrayed, the night before Passover.

John 14:27a "Shalom I leave you, My shalom I give to you ..."

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