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Thursday, 21 March 2019
El Shaddai March News

ESC Purim Service

Everyone come out to our Purim service on March 23rd! Wear a costume and listen to the story of Esther, and bring some hamentashen to share at a light nosh after the service. It's a wonderful time to have fun, and celebrate all the Lord has done for us! You can find a hamentashen recipe here.

Fast of Esther Livestream

This year, we will once again be joining our mishpocha (family) in Israel in fasting and prayer for the fast of Esther. Revive Israel will be live-streaming the times of worship and prayer on Wednesday, March 20th from 8am to 2pm EST. You can participate by watching on Revive Israel's Facebook page, or join at ESC; the stream will be available in the sanctuary for prayer. For more information click on the video link.


The next opportunities to participate in reaching our community through Dorcas will be Sunday March 24th at 1pm!

Elder Israel Trip

With your help, we have raised almost 90% of our goal to send two of our Elders and wives on ESC's patriarch tour of Israel March 2019. If you would like to give there is still time. For more information, you can call the ESC office. We are so thankful for everyone who has prayfully given toward this trip.

ESC Community Seder

The spring feasts are just around the corner. We will be hosting our congregational Seder April 20th at 6pm at the Frederick Armory at 121 N. Bentz Street. This is always a blessed time for our community as we participate in the celebration of Passover together. Please call the office or see Lourdes Case to reserve a free seat, which is required to attend.

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