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Sunday, 24 February 2019
I Will Send You

Please join me on this journey:

Moses grew up sheltered too. A king's grandson knows little of deprivation. Exactly when his social awakening came we’re not told. We simply read "when Moses was grown ... he went out to his brethren and looked at their burdens" (Exodus 2:11). I can relate to his reaction. He attempted to bring freedom to his oppressed people through practical, physical action. His efforts, however, ended in similar disillusionment and escape. Moses spent forty years in the wilderness with sheep and goats on his desert "commune," far away from the oppression of Egyptian civilization. Only when God appeared to him and spoke from a burning bush, giving Moses a divine mandate, did he finally return to civilization to set his people free.

Now Moses had to make a decision. Would he come out of the desert to return to Egypt where his people were in agonizing bondage? Were God's call and assurances enough for Moses? Are they enough for us? Each of us must make the same decision. How will we respond to the suffering around us?

I went to the mountains to escape from the world's complexity. But God would not let me stay there. Is He going to let you remain aloof? Or will you experience the incomparable joy of liberating slaves? We can only return to Egypt to rescue slaves by adopting God's heart for the oppressed. Do we live for ourselves or are we living for God (2 Corinthians 5:14)? I found the meaning of life in giving, in helping set captives free. Moses led his people to freedom! In a miraculous way, one man caused LIFE for a nation. What will happen when you agree as one man, one woman, despite your fears and weaknesses, to be used by God?

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