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Tuesday, 1 January 2019
Start Well

As this year draws to a close and 2019 is born, it is a perfect time to look back, and evaluate all that has been, the beautiful, the sorrowful and all that lies between. We like to look at our calendar from the past year and remember the many things, events, and connections that we have to be thankful for. We also like to remember the not so great moments, moments that need to be mourned and released so we can move forward.

Then, we take stock of the things in our lives that need tweaking. Some might call this New Year's resolutions. Whatever it is called, it is an appointment with our souls to make sure we are still walking the path G-d has called us to. Then, we can see where we might need to adjust course. Every year, we see places where we can be more aligned, where we can be more focused as we continue this journey of living the Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven.

Thankfully, as Messianic believers, this is only one of our opportunities throughout the year to observe this 'pause, reflect and realignment' practice. In the spring, we evaluate where chametz (“leaven”) has infiltrated and we seek to clean it out of our homes and hearts in preparation for Pesach. The High Holy Days of autumn, give us opportunity for introspection as we right wrongs and mend relationships. We also observe tashlich and watch our sins (bread crumbs) being carried away on the waves. Every time the Shehechiyanu prayer is uttered from our lips we have made an appointment with gratitude in our hearts, and our Father is pleased.

Before you say good bye to this year I encourage you to finish 2018 well - even as 2019 begins. Make the call you need to make to mend broken relationships, forgive the wrongs that have been hanging on in your heart, do the thing G-d asked you to do earlier in the year. We invite you to join with us in taking time to observe every category of your life, work, relationships, finances, self care, etc. and determine to finish well. Then ... launch into your new year with intention and focus. May our gracious-loving-slow to anger and extravagantly-loving Father who is abundant in chesed lead us all as we ... Start 2019 well.

Pause and reflect; breath gratitude for the beauty; mourn and release the sorrows; realign where needed - and launch into 2019 with strength and courageousness!

Brant and Anna

Posted By Brit Hadasha Messianic Synagogue, 11:13am Comment Comments: