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Tuesday, 6 November 2018
Praise and presence

Psalm 57, written by David as he fled from Saul, reflects some of the deepest recesses of his heart and soul. Saul has everything he needs to overtake David and where does David hide? We find him during this period of betrayal when he is wounded in heart and perhaps confused or conflicted in his thoughts in a cave.

The man anointed to one day become the King of Israel, the future leader of the nation, loved by the people, is hiding in a cold, damp, dark place. From this place David calls out to God. He begins by asking God for mercy and ends by exalting Him. He worships God with his every word, not coming from a place of demanding or even complaining. While the situation is clear David on one hand pleads for God to rescue him while at the same time proclaims that in spite of everything he will praise God among the people and the nations.

This is a man that no matter what, is determined to praise God. David understands that his salvation comes from the Lord. A right attitude or heart is necessary for us to be covered by the Lord because He cannot be where there is sin. Often the battles we face are not with others but with ourselves.

What happens when we worship God? His Presence is with us and our thoughts begin to change. When we find it difficult to enter into worship it is often because our heart is not in the right place. Without realizing it, there are times when we actually choose to stay where we are in our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we don't want to forgive so we choose to be angry, this is not a place where God's Presence can dwell. This will keep us from entering into worship.

Imagine that everything written in Psalm 57 was while David was in a cave. When we realize that there is power in coming together in worship and that we are part of something bigger, healing comes. When we are willing to give Him our pain and disappointment his Presence will cover us and God will be exalted.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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