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Friday, 24 August 2018
Yeshua in Scripture

Question of the day: Wow! Did you read Isaiah 44 and 45 today like I just did? (That's not the question of the day.). Why not take a 5 minute break and treat yourself to the highlight of your day. Read these two chapters out loud as they are written. I think I could preach every week for a year just from these two chapters. (Stop worrying, I’m not going to.)

I did, however; stop to look up Cyrus the Great. I wanted to be sure I had the right monarch. God used that man for good. Still, these two chapters are chock full of God's purposes, professions, and prophesies, I’m like a kid in a candy store unable to choose.

When faced with many sweet choices, stop and pray. Only then are we ready to proceed. "Uh," (tap yourself on the side of your forehead with your palm and say out loud, "I could have been praying.")

The real question of the day is, "What does the Hebrew sentence, Elohai Yisrael, Moshiah mean (from the end of Isaiah 45:15)?"

Answer: Elohai Yisrael is God's name for Himself. It means the "God of Israel." Then what is Moshiah? Whenever we want to translate a Hebrew word, we have to identify the 3 letter root called a shoresh. The 3 letter root is Yud-Shin-Ayin (Yasha) means "save".

When we add the Mem to the front, it makes a noun form, "Savior". So, to answer the question, the three Hebrew words means, "The God of Israel is Savior." As it says earlier in the chapter, Ein Od, there is nothing else (that needs to be said).

One last thing ... there are several places in these two chapters where Israel's salvation is prophesied. The name Yeshua HaMashiach is actually the same Hebrew root (that we just discussed) used twice in different forms. Like saying, "The One who saves is the savior."

It's a strange paradox that this name or attribute of God is used in one form or another over 500 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, yet Jewish people everywhere insist thatJesus is not mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures. That's just not true. Not even Moses is mentioned as often. B'Emet Nachon (that is exactly the truth).

Please continue to pray for the salvation of Israel.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 10:16am Comment Comments: