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Thursday, 5 July 2018
The Tetragrammaton

Today I want to write about the Tetragrammaton. There are four Hebrew letters, yud-hay-vav-hay. Every time the rabbis see that name they see the most holy name for God. So holy, in fact, that they won't say it or write it. (It is written in the Torah only.)

Sometimes the rabbis say Adonai (if being used in a real time prayer), or HaShem (which means "the name" and is used in conversation). There are other conventions for that most holy name for God too involved to describe right now.

This is the name that is only to be uttered by the high priest from within the Holy of Holies. What a masterpiece of Satan to separate God's people from God's name most frequently found in the Torah.

Oh, and this name is NOT pronounced Yahweh. We know how it is properly pronounced, it's Yehovah. This is from where the name Jehovah comes. It is actually the first letter of each word in the sentence "He will be, He is, and He was." I find significance in the flow from future through the present all the way to the past.

Psalm 145:18 "Adonai (YHVH) is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth."

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