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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Anointing - The High Priest was anointed for service by touching the lobe of his ear, his finger and his toe with oil and blood and the Psalmist speaks of the oil of anointing flowing down over Aharon's beard - a symbol of unity and blessing when the people of G-d come together. The anointing was not just to make the High Priest feel or look good; it was an anointing for service, that he might be holy and serve the people by being their representative, by standing in the gap for them before God.

When people talk of seeking G-d's anointing today, there is often a self-serving tone: that they may receive a buzz in the worship; that they may sing louder, faster, higher, than before; that they may experience or witness some spiritual gift. This is quite wrong - G-d still intends His anointing for service, that they may lead the congregation deeper into His presence in worship, praise and adoration, that sin may be exposed and purged from lives and situations, that people may be healed inside and out, that G-d's wrath may be turned away.

May we all seek and receive G-d's anointing in the way that He intends: for the building up of the Body of Messiah, for the rolling back of the powers of darkness, for the support of widows and orphans and - most especially - for the sanctification of His holy Name.

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