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Thursday, 28 December 2017

I was tempted to get into a deep theological discussion on the healing power of God, but what's to discuss? God has the power to heal and there are times when He does heal. People want to debate whether we have power over God's power (can we control God through our level of faith) or is God's sovereign power sufficient?

I don't want to be morbid in talking about life and death, it just goes with the territory. Without a healing, we will all die. Since I have the bully pulpit, let me start the discussion (I know it's not really a discussion - play along with me) with a three question survey.

1. Can a holy person with abundant faith ever die of disease, any disease?

2. Is there a requirement for healing that a person (the person to be healed or anyone praying for the person to be healed) must have enough faith in order to be healed?

3. Is it true people are not healed because they lack faith?

If your answers are no/yes/no, then you must be the person with enough faith to pray for any healing, any time and God will move and the sick will be healed. Get busy. For the rest of us, every saint (with 2 possible exceptions, Elijah and Enoch) died. The kingdom of God provides for eternal life AFTER death. Until Yeshua returns, none of us gets a pass on that.

There are some who believe every sickness is the result of sin. They are correct. (Does that last answer surprise you?) The problem is that people who say that believe it's the sick person's sin. I believe it is Adam's sin that makes one sick.

Nevertheless, we pray for God's healing to come. He alone decides how and when to move. He always answers. We handle our responsibility and pray with faith. Sometimes, His answer is no. (To misquote the Fox News slogan) You pray, He decides.

There, I just went and did what I didn’t want to do; have a theological discussion on healing.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 11:00am Comment Comments: