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Monday, 25 December 2017
Testimony from Brit Hadasha

We heard this great modern-day Chanukah story from Brit Hadasha (led by Brant Boneh in Memphis, Tennessee) and wanted to share with you how G-d has been moving in one of our congregations ...

A Chanukah Story ... about YOU

A grey-haired man with a jolly smile walked through our doors the weekend before last. It was the time of day between Shabbat service and the Chanukah party. Many busy bodies were bustling about with preparations for the evening's festivities when this unbelieving Jewish man wandered into our building.

"I was driving by and just had to come in," he explained to each friendly face he encountered. He then asked to speak to the Rabbi because he had a tale that had to be told, a tale of a peculiar people (that's you and me) that were so warm and kind and full of life, that he had to meet the Rabbi and tell him what a thriving community this seemed to be. He was sure to explain he does not believe this theology, but he couldn't deny the liveliness he experienced when with us.

You see, this gentleman had encountered several vibrant individuals at the Israel Festival and the refrain was always the same, "I go to B’rit Hadasha." Then he was driving by our building and saw all the lights and decorations, and he was compelled to come in. "This is such a thriving community."

This article is to celebrate the light in you that is indeed shining. He was drawn by your love. This unbelieving Jewish man is the first fruits of more to come. When we love without agenda, show kindness and live in hope, more will be drawn. This article is also an invitation to integrate with our Jewish brothers and sisters, so your light CAN be seen. Grab a friend and visit one of the other synagogues, join the JCC, the Shalom Israeli Folk dancers, or local Jewish events. Don't be shy, our community has too much love to keep it all to ourselves!

You see, Chanukah miracles aren't just part of our rich heritage in the past - they happen today! Join Brit Hadasha in spreading the light of Yeshua to our people.

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