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Friday, 17 November 2017

In the charismatic-Christian world, teachings about financial prosperity often are maligned for erroneously promising an opulent lifestyle as the reward for sacrificially donating money "by faith" to ministers or their ministries.

One claimed that he was a man of higher faith. Giving to him would produce greater prosperity to the donor than if they gave to a ministry led by men of lesser faith. The proof of their faith was their opulant living. A donor to them could also come into opulance.

The largest part of my book is "The Biblical Teaching on Prosperity", where we not only go through the entire Bible to see what it says but look at contemporary applications, and there is a final part dedicated to "Investing and Fostering Wealth Creation" in accord with the biblical values we have previously been looking at.

As for the promise of material prosperity, Israel was led into a long period where the covenant people did not experience abundance. The life of these slaves were meager, painful, and dishonoring. This is a great contrast to their future life in the Promised Land. Again I note that Israel had to go through this ... We can ask: can believers sometimes be called to trials where material abundance is lacking while yet they are called to have faith in God and believe that it is all for some ultimately good purpose?

The topic of prosperity seems one that we cannot get away from in our society today, so it is imperative to know what the Bible says. I'd encourage you to get a copy today - you can order it through Amazon or the Tikkun bookstall, and electronic copies are available as well as books.

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